Estate Sale Ruger/Volquartzen 10-22

  • The only part left that was Ruger is the receiver and the action screw, incidentally the action screw got replaced by a stainless hex socket one I made on my lathe. Oh, and it came with a new Leupold VX2 EFR 3-9x33mm rimfire scope. I had been thinking about putting a 10-22 together either with Kidd parts or Volquartzen and had just about talked myself out of it. I have been waiting on a guy to call me for about a year now on some 40x's he has but I have given up. I also was in the market for a Desert Tech and drifted so far off course from that there's no returning now, at least not this year. I could only abstain so long and this is what happened, kind of like a one night stand. Had a little morning sickness a few days later too. I had one of these years ago I had bought from an Oshman's sporting good store. Had to put it on lay away and not too many people remember Oshman's. It wasn't nothing fancy just a birch stock and never would work with a Butler Creek banana magazine. I think I traded it on a Mini 14, a real dog. About all I can say is the Volquartzen trigger is fabulous, the rest of it I have no idea if it's any better than an off the shelf higher end Ruger. I have seen some that look like the real deal but don't have any experience with them and only one afternoon with my new girl. I do know one thing if you feed her Thunderbolts expect a mess you got to clean up later. I shot some targets with different ammo mostly all match and was glad it cycled the lower velocity stuff with exception of the Eley. It kept jamming and bent a bunch of them up so I gave up on them. The ones that chambered and fired seemed to do ok but none would work in the new magazines i got. Only the original mag worked but I fixed that problem with the mags. I will have to sit down and get serious one day with this thing and slow down on the trigger and I bet I will start liking this rig more and more. The Leupold sitting on it has great eye relief and for fast shooting is a hoot. I don't know what the previous owner did with these 10-22's and he had five all stocked differently but all had Volquartzen barrels except one and mine was the only one with a match bolt as well as trigger and barrel. The others were modified by a gunsmith. The odd barrelled one might have been all Ruger and it was well worn. Seriously thinking about selling the scope but for speed I don't think it can be beat. I didn't try Centerx and some other brands I have.

  • @bigfoot Custom 10/22's have their place.

  • Not tea bag! None of mine will reliably cycle Eley either, got tired of sending them back to Ruger and bought enough Federal Auto Match to cause chronic use injury to my trigger finger. Really frustrating because my friend's 10/22 runs like a Swiss watch on Tenex leftovers. That one should be a crow killer for sure.