Vextronic terrapin issue

  • My terrapin got knocked off the bench and now will not range past about 250 yards. I’ve heard they cant be repaired. Has anyone had one repaired or heard that they can’t?

  • @bull81 I've heard you can "try" to get them repaired.... but I remember reading some horrific stories about guys sending theirs overseas and not having it back for 20+ months.

    Best thing to do is try to contact someone and try. Maybe they'll just try to "upgrade" you to the new version.

    Keep us informed.

  • @orkan
    From what I’ve read so far they charge $800 to look at it and give you a quote to fix it usually cost between $1500 and $2000 to repair them. That’s absurd and cost more than the unit did new. I’m not a big fan of the electronic reticle on the new x model but would just buy a new model before I spent that much to repair an old one. I’ll keep everyone updated

  • @bull81 said in Vextronic terrapin issue:

    I’m not a big fan of the electronic reticle on the new x model

    I agree. When my original terrapin dies... I'm getting a vector or some other high end unit.

  • @orkan
    That be awesome but way outside of my budget. You can always go ahead and up grade and just sell me you terrapin 😁

  • Called today about getting my Terrapin repaired and was informed that they no longer supported the original Terrapin and would not repair it for me. They are checking on an trade in/upgrade for me but told me not to hold my breath. Pretty shitty service if you ask me. Basically once they discontinued production of a product if it fails you have a very expensive paper weight. Complete bullshit!

  • @bull81 Yeah, that's long been their attitude. That's what happens when a company relies on military contracts for their existence. Civilians are treated like dirt. When a company has a global monopoly on a product, it doesn't help matters any at all.

    Some real competition would fix their asses. I've desperately hoped an American company would step up and innovate something to bankrupt them. ... because they have repeatedly demonstrated they do not deserve their position in the U.S. civilian market, which means they don't deserve our military contracts either.

    This is why my terrapin is treated like it's made of blown glass fibers.

  • @orkan I couldn’t agree more and can’t for the life of me figure out why an American company doesn’t do just that. I too treated mine like a china doll and was always careful to make sure it was protected. Freak deal when it got knocked off the bench but that’s all it took. I took it apart last night and found how to adjust the laser but have no way to tell where to adjust it too. If I could see the laser I think I could fix it