Making a Murderer

  • Has anyone watched this? When it first came out a couple years ago it had quite a following, the new season has come out and I just started watching it.

    It is very interesting, it features a couple of lawyers who highlight the failure of our court system, and I think it’s worth the watch just for that alone.

  • The court system is an absolute joke. That's for sure. I have no doubt it used to be the bedrock this country functioned on, keeping criminals at bay and civility in society... but that hasn't been true for a LONG time.

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    I watched both seasons. What a weird story. I don't want to spoil anything but I go back and forth on what really happened. I don't know and don't have any conclusions other than it surely seems Brendan Dassey got really fucked on this deal. I think the uncle did too.

    What I do know is that if I was facing any of those crimes I would want the lawyer from season 2 on my side. I think that most people would find her witch like but I think she did a great job and was very smart in wanting to figure out just who is not telling the truth and bury them with it. What I don't buy is the, almost complete, lack of blood inside his trailer. And the small town cops fucked up their story enough times to warrant a much deeper look.

    Small town cops, small town attorneys and now big city attorneys are involved and it is a national story. I hope some day the truth comes out but you know how these things go. It could be 10-20 years before anything actually happens or it can happen tomorrow we have no idea.

    Part of me started to feel bad for the family. They seem like low IQ good meaning people that just got caught up in some horrendous bullshit...or they raped and murdered a girl. So it is hard for me to draw any of my own conclusions about it.

  • @irish I watched the first season, and it is always hard to know the truth when you aren't there. However, the gross misconduct of police and prosecutors can NOT be ignored. I think people would be shocked to know just how frequently this happens in small town USA. Cops and prosecutors have way too much power. It's no surprise to me how they only seem to attack and abuse people whom are not politically connected.

  • i'm on episode 6 of the second season.

    it is really interesting, and this new lawyer is doing a good job (granted i'm no expert so that's not worth the time it took to write it) I was shocked, at how some of the key evidence in the first season was all discovered by the department that was supposed to have recused it self. Brenden's first lawyer shouldn't have a job, he was terrible and is probably the reason he's in jail, almost certainly.

    I don't know if they did or didn't do it, I haven't seen all the evidence, but based on that, unless they're hiding the biggest bombshell I could't convict either one.

    Though after watching it, man I hope that I never, and no one I know ever has to go through something like this, the state clearly doesn't care, and never cared, about innocence or guilt or finding out who did it. And now if they were wrong it will be worse since it will call into question every case that scumbag DA (Kratz, whatever his title was) worked on which would be a nightmare for the state, though one they caused. So they're going to do everything to stop that.

    Just a scary thought, one i have had before when I read how people respond to certain shootings (the florida parking lot one, and the one in Texas with the father and son) and how quickly people jump to conclusions and defend their position despite not knowing anything. Given the huge media and social media attention these cases get, and how people respond I question how anyone could have a fair trial in most cases anymore.

  • @rhyno said in Making a Murderer:

    the state clearly doesn't care, and never cared, about innocence or guilt or finding out who did it.

    When I went through the system personally, being innocent with concrete PROOF of innocence... that right there was the realization that destroyed any and all faith I had in the justice system or any member of it. Once I realized the cops, prosecutors, lawyers, and judges truly didn't give a shit about the truth... I gave up on them. Entirely. Forever. Then, learning that they will face no consequences for their actions, not the criminals that victimized my family and lied about it, and not the cops or prosecutors that perpetrated the true crime against me, was the last straw.

    Sure, I got clear of it. ... but not until spending tens of thousands and having massive anxiety for a year. After that I learned the value of having a ruthless lawyer. ... which is exactly how this game is setup. For people that can't afford a good lawyer... I honestly don't know what you'd do. They can railroad your ass right to prison. Truth has nothing to do with it.

    The realization that your innocence can not keep you out of jail in this country makes trusting law enforcement an impossibility. They ARE the only real threat to freedom we face. That is a fact. No one else can take away your freedom using military-like force. If you try to handle situations yourself, cops can throw you in jail. If you call the cops... they don't do shit and if they do it's always too late. < THAT is the reality we have in this country. We are all slowly being classified as "criminals." ... and there are already enough laws to where any cop can attack any citizen and get away with it using whatever they make up as the justification for it. If there were as many good cops as people say, this wouldn't have happened to me, and wouldn't happen so frequently that you can't possibly watch all the corrupt cop youtube videos if you spent 10hrs a day watching them for the next year.

    I still love the military... because the only other threat to freedom will come from another country and we've got a pretty strong military yet... so that's nice.


    The arresting officers refusing to investigate properly, followed by the prosecutor charging this guy with tons of total bullshit... all while the guy has rock solid irrefutable proof that he is innocent. Yet they run him through it all anyway. A year of his life, stolen by corrupt and lazy law enforcement. Not even remotely isolated or rare.

    If a prosecutor presses charges on someone, and does not have more evidence than someone's statement, and then loses the case... that prosecutor should be forced to serve the amount of jail time he was trying to get the innocent person to serve. If there were ANY consequences for the cops refusing to investigate BOTH SIDES of a claim properly, or the prosecutors bringing bullshit charges in an attempt to do the plea bargain game... this garbage would stop happening. Instead, it happens every single day, thousands of times across the country.

  • @orkan that women should be charged and sent to jail, and the cops involved should be as well.

    Neither will happen.

  • @rhyno If you knew how many people are arrested AND charged without the cops even ATTEMPTING to get their side of the story, you'd be disgusted. I mean, it would literally make you nauseous. Cops are no more interested in investigating than reporters are. As soon as they have someone making a claim, then they can do what cops do best... go from zero to 100% instantly and escalate the situation as fast as possible.

    Cops - "You can tell your side of it in court."
    Prosecutor - "Well they wouldn't have arrested you if they didn't have something."
    Judge - "Well the prosecutor wouldn't have charged you if he didn't have something."
    Citizens - "Well none of this would be happening if you were totally innocent."

    You're guilty until proven innocent in this country. The sooner you all understand that, the more equipped you will be if/when it happens to you.