Pistol red dot for hunting

  • Hey all, i’m diving into an area in which I have no experience, I have a XDM 10mm on order which I plan to carry/use while hunting. I plan on putting a red dot on it for that purpose.

    I’ve never had a red dot on a pistol, so I don’t know where to begin, I know it’s been discussed here a little before and IIRC it seems like the Trijicon RMRs were well thought of, is that still the case? They have a few styles and dot sizes too choose from as well.

  • I have RMR's. I like the 1 moa for precision and that is what is on my buckmark. I have a 3.25 moa on a glock 19. Both work well. I have even used one on my S&W 500 and it worked well. I have had one of them for 3 years or so and only changed the battery once. I leave them on all of the time. The other two are newer and I haven't changed the batteries on them yet. The newest one is a type 2. I can't tell a difference in type 1 or 2, but I'm sure there is.

    Both of mine are also adjustable. which Is nice. It can be set to automatic brightness, or adjusted manually.