Alberta mule deer

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    Landed this nice mule deer on November 12. I seem to be having all sorts of luck this year. 315yd shot with my 308win, separated the top of the heart and lungs with a Berger 168gr VLD hunting bullet. The buck stumbled about 20yds, fell and twitched for 10 minutes. All the deer are in full rut up here, this guys neck was 14" across! The doe's that were with him stuck around for 20min waiting for their man to get up.

  • Nice buck, congratulations.

  • Congratulations man glad those 168’s are working good for you

  • @bull81 they are way more stable than the nosler bt's I was shooting as far as cold bore shot, and consistent POI from day to day. Again, thanks for that recommendation.

  • @donnie

    First congrats. Never shot a muley, if you don't mind, let me know a how the meat compares to white tail or moose. I might have to add muley to my bucket list.

  • @martino1 This guy was in full rut, so I don’t think it would be a fair comparison. The scent glands were oozing and I could barely gut him without gagging just from the smell of the glands lol. He’s a jerky and sausage deer for sure. The elk I got a week ago is some of the best wild game we have had yet. I’ve got lots of roasts and steaks from the elk, so I’ll just turn this deer into jerky and sausage.

  • Mule deer taste fantastic when they haven't been running hard.