Leveling Base & Direct Rifle Mount from Really Right Stuff

  • Really Right Stuff now has a direct-attach option specifically for the Desert Tech SRS-A1 rifles. This mount provides a very unique and lightweight option when combined with an RRS TA-3 Leveling base. The removal of the ball head from the equation saves a ton of weight. The TA-3 gives you a total of 30 degrees of cant and tilt movement, so +/- 15 degrees from level, any direction. That will cover most shooting situations a guy will find himself in. You can obviously achieve more adjustment by manipulating the legs if you are presented with an extreme angle shot. The weight savings of going this route is pretty amazing.

    Individual Component Weight:
    Bare TVC-33 legs - 3.75lbs
    BH-55 w/base w/QD plate w/Hog Saddle - 3.45lbs
    TA-3 w/QD plate - 1lb

    That is an incredible weight reduction while maintaining most of the capabilities. Granted the ball head is going to be more versatile in terms of movements it can make, but in a practical shooting situation, the leveling base will usually take care of business. You'll also notice from the pictures that the overall bulk of the setup is greatly reduced. The leveling base is very low profile and doesn't have a bunch of knobs and levers hanging off it which can get snagged and stuck on the rest of your gear. To manipulate the TA-3, you simply grab the grip hanging down below the plate, and twist it. It provides precise control of tension which will give you a very fluid motion at the appropriate setting. One thing I immediately noticed was how solid the adjustments were. With a ball head and HOG saddle setup, there is a distinct "squishiness" to the inputs you give the rifle. You have to take great care to not violate NPA as a result of this squishiness. This is a common thing tripod shooters have always had to deal with. When using the TA-3/BSRS setup, it was a very solid and fluid motion without any backlash to your inputs. This was a very cool and unique feeling.

    This is most definitely a very strong option for someone looking to get their rifle up on a tripod.

    RRS also has other direct mounts available so you can hook your rifle up directly just as I have. You can find them here on the SOAR (sport optic and rifle) section of their website: RRS - SOAR
    I'd keep my eye on that section of their website if I were you. I think we'll be seeing some very unique shooting-related things coming from RRS in the future!

    RRS - BSRS-A1 Desert Tech Forearm Mount

    RRS - TA-3 Leveling Base


  • Yes, I want one real bad!