64 Action Anschutz

  • I'm going to check out a collection tomorrow of 64's and more than likely won't buy one. I just have to fulfill my curiosity. This will make the third trip to this estate sale I have made and it's been a good ride so far, I have bought some primo stuff. There are four 64 action rimfire rifles there all new in the box and I don't know squat about Anschutz except they sure are pretty in the pictures. The one I will be fondling is a 1416 D HB TH which is a thumb hole stocked 22 long rifle with a 23" barrel. The deceased owner had a full house, a 17 HMR, 17 Mach II, 22 Mag and a 22 long rifle. All will be on display tomorrow and the one I am looking at has a Leupold 3x9 Rimfire Scope sitting on it. If it's a VX II with custom dials this may be a pretty good deal. $1750.00 out the door. Like I am saying, don't know squat but I got to look. This guy was a bench rest fanatic and I was hoping for a target type but it is what it is. He had 212 rifles in his collection and many of the bench rest variety. Never know what they will have out this was such a big estate and I might still come home with something. I eyeballed a Sharps Rifle Company 6mm Remington the last time serial # 15 I sure wanted and he had the mate to it in .308 Winchester #14. This man had some good taste in firearms.

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    The one I will be fondling is a 1416 D HB TH

    The 64 action rifles are typically nothing special. It's the same essential design as a savage MK II. They typically shoot ok, but nothing like their true 54 Target actions, not to be confused with the 17-series 54 actions they are producing today.

    If you find any old 54 repeater action stuff... be sure to give me a call at the shop. ;)

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    I figured if anyone knew it would be you. I appreciate the input immensely. I questioned the guy that bought the estate the first time I was there about them hoping he might have had a 40X hiding in there but no luck. I do know a Unertl scope came out of there and there was a Unertl spotting scope sold one day I was there. Complete with a stand that looked like an I V rack you see in the hospital. The scope was in a lambskin pouch and all went for 300 bucks. A brand new Oehler chronograph in a maple box sold for a few hundred too. One guy got a Leica range finder in a bargain bag for a few dollars. He didn't even know what it was. I bought some Lapua .222 Remington match for 40 bucks a hundred brand new and there was a bunch there. I don't know much about bench rest stuff but I know there is some brass there that might be 6BR and I did see some 22 BR of some kind, several thousand of each all new. Might be a bad idea going there again.

  • BF, you are costing me a lot of money with these updates. The price asked for the 64 is just about exactly full retail. They’re available everyday through CMP. If you’re not shooting a top tier 22 now, the 64 will amaze you. They’ll shoot just about anything pretty well but typically shine with top grade round nose target ammo. I’m getting exceptional results in silhouette with CMP Eley bulk.

  • @bigfoot I’m going to be there ~10. Maybe we can have lunch at the deli with our last remaining doll hairs?

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    The 64 lists for $1649 that's why I am just looking and he didn't want to pull the scope off. Depending on the model of the scope it really doesn't appeal to me unless it's a higher end Leupold. There must have been fifty bricks of Black Box Eley there I only grabbed a group of ten individual boxes with the same lot #'s @ $9.00 each. I also got some interesting 22 mag called Coyote Killers. Just got a couple of boxes of it but made up for it with V Max @ $7.00 each.

  • Well, I went to the sale Friday as planned. Bumped in to rr2241tx at the shop around ten thirty I guess and we talked about an hour getting to know each other. As I expected the four Anschutz rifles were in impeccable condition but I passed and looked around at the other stuff they had brought in since my last visit. They had some if not all of the bench rest rifles on display that were on Hall Actions and built there in California for this gentleman. Don't remember the name of the smith and they were some impressive looking specimens believe me. I asked if he had any more 22 stuff and of course that's where I got in trouble. Winchester 63's in pristine condition I think four of them and four 10 22's that were custom. He had some more from this estate but I quit there. I'm a weak person don't take much. There was a Volquartzen 22 Magnum with a Llja barrel in a custom light colored walnut stock that looked brand new next to the 10 22's that I really wanted. Pretty sure it was all Volquartzen parts. Probably worth every penny. Being weak I picked out one of the four 10 22's that had all Voquartzen parts except for the receiver and stock and it was a Boyds that had been professionally glass bedded to the action. Don't know if it shoots worth a hoot I just know it goes bang, shot it out in the garden into the mud yesterday. After I got home I hit the computer and priced out the parts and I paid about what full retail on them would be for the entire gun, $1100.00. He threw in a brand new Leupold VX II EFR Rimfire 3x9x33 scope and Warne Rings also. Leupold site listed it at $569.00 but I don't believe that. Got to be a mistake. It does have a resettable zero feature. Sure a tiny scope for that much. This is all new to me, had a Ruger years ago and now I only have a junky 597 possum gun and a Colt/Umarex AR clone that I haven't shot in two years. When it dries up I'll see how it does, if it's a dog I got another possum gun.

  • What a hoot! Scott had grandpa duty and couldn't go to the sale but David, my other unindited coconspirator/gunsmith called up in the middle of the night to see what my weekend plans were and we decided to go to look over "Old Dead Guy's" guns on Friday instead of attempting anything financially rewarding. David even volunteered to drive and since it is a two hour trip each way, I was easily led astray, also it was forecast to be cold and rainy so it didn't take much arm twisting. On the way down we had to detour through David's old hometown for a look at some 1900s mansions that were moved there following the Galveston Hurricane, which also took out most of Indiannola. It rained the whole way and was in the low 50s, what passes for cold in these parts. When we finally showed up at the LGS estate sale, the proprietor greeted me by name which surprised me since I'd only ever been there once before and then asked who I had with me. Turns out he and David are old buddies from growing up together in the area and used to have tables next to one another at the Houston gun show for years. Not far into that, Bigfoot picked me out and a big conversation was struck up. I admired his find and was informed that this new gun was going to cost him a new leather couch that his darling bride had her eye on. Pretty fair trade as long as she lets him sit on it with her. Then, it turns out Bigfoot and David grew up mere blocks apart and there it all became high school reunion for a while until the rain let up some and Bigfoot had to go meet his new couch.

    There were/are a bunch of fancy custom guns and what appears to be one of each of nearly every worthwhile rifle and pistol produced since 1990. The one I was particularly drawn to was an Anschutz 54 Sporter in 22 Hornet wearing a mid-level Leupold scope but the buzzards were circling and another patron bought it before I got a chance to even get my sweaty mitts on it. I did manage to pick up some more of the $20/thousand primers and almost had to break my own arm to leave behind about 6K brand new nickle plated 45 Colt cases. While I was waiting to check out David pointed out a S&W Model 41 pistol with a second barrel and about 30 magazines for it. Luckily for me at just that precise moment an 18 wheeler drove across the flower bed into the narrow lane between the front door and the opposing lanes of traffic out on the highway and the ensuing hubub gave me time to calm down and consider that the pistol was priced at slightly more than the contents of my toy money envelope. Once the truck left, I was able to cash out and go to lunch which was so late that it was almost dinner. On the way home we had to take another detour through David's hometown and drive past Bigfoot's old home, David's old home and several others of the cast that had been discussed. It was a great way to spend a cold rainy Friday and meeting Bigfoot was great.

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    my other unindited coconspirator/gunsmith called up in the middle of the night to see what my weekend plans were and we decided to go to look over "Old Dead Guy's" guns on Friday

    This had me laughing hard.

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    Yep, I sobered up today and having some remorse from my purchase. Can't expect much out of a 10 22, I don't care if it has a stock made out of a unicorn horn and a barrel from a dragons pecker. Going back Tuesday.

  • @bigfoot There was a solid Anschutz 64 in the case to the left of the case you got that Volquartzen from. It was about half what you paid. The stock needs a light sanding and some new finish, something I bet you are really good at. The metal is all good. I would have bought it except I already have its twin in my gun prison and haven’t gotten around to polishing it up for the last 13 months. The price on this one is right.

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    That one has been sitting in there for a while. Has a lightweight stainless barrel I believe. It would clean up good. I got to look at that 22 mag again, might have some trading fodder I can take the sting off with.

  • Well, I stepped in a pile of it today, Bought the Anschutz after some horse trading. Two safe queens bit the dust and I got out with some jingle left in my pockets. As usual I jacked around too long and started looking at the Schmidt and Bender scopes and I'll be damned if I can find the model I looked at anywhere on any web site. It's a Zenith I believe 4.5x16 side focus non illuminated with what he called a varmint reticle. Looks like a standard mil dot to me with holdover and windage dots. New in the box $1350.00 plus tax. I need a nice higher end multi use scope and I am fond of dots and don't think you can really go wrong with a Schmitty. I paid that much for a low end Nightforce not knocking it by any means. Shot the Annie today and I have a few things to say about it but will start a new thread on that and the other gun I picked up at the sale. Might hear a I told you so but that's ok, it's just like being married. Got to take the good with the bad and if all I do bad this year is make a poor choice in a gun shop it will be the best year of my life, trust me on that. I hope everyone is safe during these horrific fires and weather events we are having and make it through the holidays in one piece. Boy that is a nice S&W 41 by the way and it's still there my friend.

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    4.5 magnification with a 16mm objective? Thats what you typed signifies. If you meant 4.5-16x magnification, then < that is how you'll want to convey that information alphanumerically.

    Is it a first focal plane model? I'm not familiar with any S&B with 4.5-16 magnification. 4-16 is quite common.

  • I stand corrected, 4-16 and I regret that I didn't make a note of the objective diameter. I do know it is not First Focal Plane as I manipulated the controls and handed it back after I messed with it. Caught up in the moment I guess you might say, I went in armed with a gallery of S&B photos on my phone with corresponding pricing and left dumber than dumb. Had the box right there in front of me with all the information.

  • I reserved one of these scopes.Pretty sure this is it. https://www.eurooptic.com/schmidt-bender-precision-hunter-4-16x50-varmint-dot-reticle-rifle-scope-with-bdc.aspx Should be a good all around scope for the price.

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    Intersting, spec sheet says FFP. That would be nice I've been wanting to try one. I'll find out tuesday.

  • Ok, picked up the scope today. Lots of confusion mainly my fault for not paying closer attention. I inquired about the scopes at the beginning of this sale and at that time there was no FFP scopes out to be viewed, they just hadn't been unpacked yet as well as a lot of other items. My first inspection was right after I had bought the Anschutz and apparently the magnification was in the higher setting and I assumed it was SFP and after playing poker with this guy I was in a hurry to get out of there. So to make a long story short I got the scope discounted $349.00 ( see the link below ) then turned around and paid over a hundred bucks in tax. Got to keep the governor flying. For all I know Gander Mountain or somebody has the same scope for less but that's the way the cookie crumbled today.