• “We have direct evidence of Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas working with anarchists and Black Lives Matter,” Guandolo told WND. “You have Nihad Awad saying, ‘Black Lives Matter is our matter,’ and ‘2016 is our year to make our mark.'”


  • The very definition of Obama-style "community organizing." Get a tiny group of people, to make so much noise, that the rest of us get our freedoms demolished just to shut them up.

    As long as idiotic intellectuals continue to feel smart and accomplished by bending to their demands... it will keep happening. THAT is what gives those groups their power, and enemies of the U.S. would have to be complete idiots to not take advantage of it. Our government is more concerned about taking our guns away than it is about keeping those true enemies in check.

  • This whole Islamic refugee movement is UN driven. They were called refugees and now migrants. Why aren't they driven to Islamic states , states that share their culture, in the region? Why are the vast majority males,there so few actual families. Refugees my ass.

  • This stuff is really making we think about adding a secure box in my vehicle to keep an AR-15 and some loaded magazines ready. I already carry a handgun, but a handgun is not a good option for fighting people with long guns.