First deer with new DT

  • Just wanted to share some pics of my first whitetail taken with my DT Greg and Travis put together for me. Definitely not the biggest buck I’ve taken but a decent north Ga deer.
    Thanks guys, it’s great when a hunt comes together.

  • Awesome! Now we need more details! Cartridge, distance, etc...

  • Very cool. That rack is so DARK!!! What the heck he been rubbing on?

  • 22” 7LRM barrel, only about an 80 yard shot as I was hunting in some open hardwoods. Shot him square in the chest so no exit, the 180 Berger Hybrid made a mess internally, however he did run about 40 yds!
    This guy was tending a doe and watched him fight off 2 smaller bucks earlier before I could get a clean shot.
    The chocolate racks are pretty common on the lease we have, supplement all year with minerals so I’m diet is one reason for the darker rack but I believe it’s just in the gene pool.

  • Crazy that it ran with a frontal shot like that. How far did the bullet make it? Was hunting with the DT everything you hoped it would be?

  • Heart and lungs were just gelatin, frags everywhere, never made it to the guts. Never found the jacket, just amazed he ran that far.
    For the type hunting I do I love the DT. Usually got a 1/4 mile hike in, then sit in a stand. I would probably want some lighter weight if I were at 10000 ft hiking up mountains.
    I use a low drag bag and it’s very tolerable. The weight actually makes my shots more steady, even in off hand shots. So yes the DT is everything I would have hoped for!

  • holy dark horns batman.