Walley2960 RRT

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    Working to reduce reticle movement during recoil.
    All targets shot left handed at 100yrds, prone, bipod, rear bag supressed. Conditions were pretty good for this time of year high forty's, winds variable less than 10mph.

    Top target DTA 6 creedmoor. 2nd firing alpha brass, 40.5gr h4350, 105gr Nosler RDF.
    Attempting proper form. Reticle movement during recoil 1.5 mils up and 1 mil to the right.

    Middle target Mcmillan a3 12lb 6.5x47. Load, 3rd firing lapua brass, 40.8gr h4350 with 130gr JLK bullet.
    Top center bull attempting zero force firing position. Reticle settled 5 mils up and 5 mills right.
    Bottom two bulls firm hold on rifle, tightened things up, impacts and reticle movement. Reticle 1 mil up and .5 mils right.
    After talking with Orkan I realize this isn't the anwer for me.
    Bottom target top row Mcmillan a5 16lb 6.5x47. I'll have to check my notes for the load, bullet is a 140gr Berger hybrid. Using the best form I could manage, 4 to 5 mils horizontal retice shift during recoil.
    Bottom target, the remainder of the rows were shot with the 12lb 6.5.
    Using the best I could manage form learned in class.
    Today I did a lot of experimenting with subtle changes to my position. The most notable was changing from touching my collarbone to the butt pad to positioning the collarbone just above the pad. The last two rows were shot with the pad below the collarbone. This adjustment realy reduced the reticle movment. I was seeing about 1.5-2mils up and .5 mils right with the pad below the collar bone.

    As I become more proficient at posting I will try to clean things up so it is easier on anyone who cares to read.
    Thanks Wally

  • Details? What's being shot? What distances? Bullets? Optics? Conditions? etc?


    The idea behind range reports is to give lots of information so you can refer back to them and learn excellent things. :)

  • @orkan
    Working on a large edit to include more info. Was just trying to get my first pictures up.

  • 11/1/18

    All though the DTA seems easier to shoot I'm going to focus my efforts on mastering a McMillan stocked rifle for now.
    Shooting prone with bipod and rear sand bag(the sand seems easier the shoot from then some other fills)
    Distance 100yards

    Left handed
    McMillan a5
    Borden alpine
    26" m40 8 twist krieger
    Kahles 6-24
    TBAC ultra 7

    Lapua brass
    CCI 450
    39 gr h4350
    140 gr Berger hybrid .010 off
    2690 fps

    I feel this rifle system is precise enough to provide on target feed back.

    Below is a pic of the rifle with the range in the background.


    After praticing form and watching reticle shift with a similar but not precise platform.
    I fired the 4 shots pictured below using the 6.5 pictured.


    Reticle shift during recoil was reasonable consistant with the reticle settling 1 mil high and 2 mils right.

  • 11/2/18

    Same rifle and range. Conditions...
    Very little wind.
    Temp low 40's

    Only 4 rounds fired today. No dry fire.


    I'm going to use this same target for a while and track zero shift.

    Reticle shifted consistently 1 mil up and 2 mils right for all shots.
    I'd really like to get this recoil sorted out.