Lot to lot variation in Bullets

  • I have been messing around with my BR all day long today. I have a match tomorrow and only had 50 Berger 105 Hybrids from my original lot. I checked the length to lands on the new lot and adjusted the seating die to give me the same jump as the original lot. With H4350 and Varget the original lot of bullets shot the same as they always have with the same load, but the new lot was considerably faster and had different nodes than the original. After messing with it all day I am just going to set the last 50ish from the original lot aside to use for practice another day.

    I’ve not seen this before, usually once loaded to the same jump everything lines back up and shoots the same. It’s got my confidence down for tomorrow at this point because in the back of my mind I keep thinking something else is wrong. Any of you experienced this before between lot numbers of bullets?

  • I can't put any definite numbers to what I've seen for variance but have had multiple lots of Hybrids vary greatly on where they wanted to shoot in both seating depth and powder charge.

    As in, current lot shoots great with .010" jump - different lot # in the same barrel wants .030" jump and a different powder charge to shoot well.

  • @tscustoms
    Thanks Travis that’s exactly what I’m seeing here with this new lot. Guess I’ve just been lucky in the past and never had to change much to get them to shoot.

  • At Orkan’s recommendation, As soon as I know what a barrel likes I am now buying enough bullets to shoot out the barrel. That way you don’t have to change lots and woke up another load mid barrel. Same with powder, primers, and brass. Get enough to finish the barrel.

    That however can get quite expensive with a 308 or suchlike.