CPS is same as hand primer? ... say what now?

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    Those of you that have a CPS... do you agree with what's being said there about these other tools being "best?" I see @dddoo7 already posted his experiences.

    I wonder if any of those guys have ever laid their hands on a CPS? Why is it that people love to make fun of things, yet don't have any experience with them?

  • @orkan I wonder why you still read SH, just like to be irritated or what?

  • It’s people who don’t like you complaining about a product they’ve never owned because they think the price is too high.

    Though perhaps even more telling is the way some of them describe the products they do use, finicky but once you figure it out.... or get this tool than get this modification for it.

    Both which to me indicate that the tool maybe isn’t so great. But I haven’t had them so I don’t know. I do know that the CPS lite i have is the best priming tool I’ve ever used, and that the people I trust say the CPS is better than that. And I see no reason it shouldn’t be as it improves upon everything the lite does (well it came out first so that’s probably an inaccurate way to word that) I just don’t shoot enough right now to justify the cost. But I’m not going to project that onto the tool.

  • If anyone wants to sell their CPS for fifty bucks I will take them. I'll even pay the shipping.

  • haters are gonna hate and spread fake news with no first hand knowledge. That is what social media type platforms have created. A lot of experts with no knowledge. I have 3 hand primers collecting dust. The CPS will not leave my bench.

  • @rr2241tx said in CPS is same as hand primer? ... say what now?:

    @orkan I wonder why you still read SH, just like to be irritated or what?

    @rr2241tx A guy that visits this forum, sent me a msg about that thread. ... otherwise I don't.

  • Since this got brought up this seems like an appropriate place to ask, realistically what sort of variation is acceptable to be seeing primer to primer with my CPS?

  • @ragnarnar If you're running into the hard stop properly each time with adequate force, and have the unit setup correctly, and have uniformed pockets, and have quality brass, with a quality shell holder... I've not seen more than +/- .0005". Most of the time the variance is less than i can measure reliably with a dial indicator with any repeat-ability.

    ... and the big thing that people whom are constantly ripping it down refuse to acknowledge is that the feeling you achieve on the CPS is greater than ANY hand tool I've ever used (and I've used most) and if you prefer to set primers via feeling them hit the bottom, you can do this more reliably on the CPS than any other tool in existence.

    So if you want to seat by feel, you can. If you want to seat mechanically, you can. You can set the CPS to be used in ANY WAY YOU WANT.

    ... which is something the screaming children saying nasty things about the tool just don't seem to get.

  • @orkan

    My shell holder is probably the weak link then. Lapua brass, cci primers, with the machine setup per the included instructions.

    I aim for ~4 thou below flush and generally get 3.5-4.5 (which I blamed on the case rims) measured with mitituo calipers. I get the odd “flyer” that’s randomly 7thou+ below flush.

    I’ll order some Sinclair shell holders, uniform some pockets and hard mount the machine on the bench and report back.

    Edit. Missed the edit. Nope. I want consistent depth.

  • @ragnarnar Usually the variance comes from not coming up against the hard stop uniformly. Its a steel/aluminum tool... but that stuff still flexes a bit. So you have to make sure you're running it in a consistent manner, just like all our other reloading tools. A measurement of 3.5 to 4.5 thousandths is +/- .0005", as I mentioned above. That's pretty good, and with a bit of intention when running the tool you can probably close in on it.

    Compare it to a hand tool sometime. ;)

  • There is way more “feel” in a hand primer than the CPS, after priming a couple hundred cases I can “feel” way more pain in my hand from the hand primer vs the CPS!

  • Was doing all my priming on the CoAx, patiently waiting for the kid to bring home the CPS, used the one Travis had earlier in the spring and was sold on the build, looks and precision. Reading that thread made me laugh. Being a newb to precision loading and shooting, I read alot on the hide and never realized how many experts in the field there really are(sarcasm).
    I've got ours set up and ready to find an empty space on the bench to bolt it down, for now it'll probably have clamps. I'm a firm believer in the you get what you pay for and I am definately happy with what was spent on the CPS. Nice product Greg, very nice.