Where are you buying your 9mm

  • Running low now that I'm putting 12-17 rounds through it a day.

    Looking for cheaper 115grain or 124 grain FMJ/Ball non steel cased so i can reloaded it when I get that going.


  • The bulk ammo sources usually have it at good prices.

    ... places like that.

  • Just picked up 2 cases of Aguila 115's from targetsportsusa.com for $219 each and free shipping.

  • The aguila is plenty good ammo. Used up 10's of thousands of rounds of it during defensive handgun classes we used to do. I remember getting it for $189 per thousand back then. That was pre-shortage though.

  • Thanks, I forgot about those sites.

    I thought about freedom munitions, but since I don't know where that brass comes from I decided against it.

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