Reloading Component Vendor

  • Is there a particular vendor you guys like to use when buying primers, cases and bullets? Money is tight these days and I am always looking for the low prices and deals. I am sure it's the same for everyone.

  • Precision Reloading!
    They're awesome to deal with and handle their backorders extremely well.
    Plus they strongly support our local shooting community!

  • Agreed, I've had good luck with Precision Reloading.

  • Thanks gentlemen. So I did check their website and go figure they are out of stock of what I was looking for. I hear the H4350 is a tried and true powder for the .30-06. I wanted an 8 lb jug. No-one seems to have it right now. Midway and Brownell do but by golly they are so much more expensive than other places. Thanks for the help. Then again maybe I should stick with a 1 lb jug.

  • Another vote for precision reloading. As Travis said, they are really good at back orders. So you can just call them and tell them what you want and hop on the backorder list. When it's in, they'll call you to confirm and bob's your uncle.

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    Plenty of times I have been on a waiting list at precision reloading for those hard to find/high demand items no one has in stock. They have always called me before I noticed the items in stock anywhere else. Make that a 4th vote for Precision Reloading!

  • Made a phone call today to precision Reloading. Had a great conversation with one of their techs. I am on a back order list for some H4350 and primers. Thanks gentlemen!

  • I placed an order with them upon the recommendations here.
    Can't get powder and such sent, but projectiles can.

  • @mamalukino

    Is that because you are in Hawaii? New York isn't any better.

  • @jekyl said:


    Is that because you are in Hawaii? New York isn't any better.

    Yes, Hawaii. A suburb of LA, filled with Bernie and Hillary bumper stickers at this time. Controlled by goose stepping Obamamites.

  • Update on 3-23-16 order from Precision Reloading.
    Came in today's mail 3-26-16. They have my business going forward.:thumbsup:

  • Nice, I always thought they had fast shipping since they're only a couple hours away. But that's from Souther south Dakota to Haiwiaiaiaieiwi not bad.

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    Another quick bump for Precision Reloading.

    Recently had a back order with Precision Reloading. It went as follows:

    I was called and notified that product came in.
    Confirmed and gave them payment.
    A few hours later I have tracking information
    I have package in hand the next day.

    I believe this is the first time I've had them ship me something as I usually have them hold it and pick it up in person. I must say the experience was fantastic.

    I recently had an order with a different company (for a vehicle part) and had to call them...twice... to get my order shipped (that I paid extra to have "expedited processing"). After a week I finally had tracking information.
    It's a breath of fresh air purchasing from a company with such great customer service!

  • Amy from precision reloading called to advise me that CCI BR-2 primers are in. I grabbed 2 thousand of them. Still waiting on some H4350. Thanks gentlemen, good call on precision reloading. Thanks.