Why are big companies turning from gun owners?

  • https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/10/daniel-zimmerman/corporate-gun-control-watch-fifth-third-bank-notifies-customers-they-wont-do-business-with-gun-makers/

    Yet another big company turning away from gun owners. Knee jerk reaction is the typical "you liberal commie scum" type thoughts. However, if you think a bit further... there's a pretty scary possibility.

    What if the shot callers at the head of these big companies know something we don't? Position can change perspective greatly. People in certain positions can come by information that others can not. What if they know something is coming? What if they know the firearms industry is going to be taking a massive financial hit, and they want to get it off their balance sheets?

    Sure, it could be that they are just virtue signalling scumbags. I'm sure many of them are. However, when it comes to big business, they've proven they only care about money. Why turn your back on a 51 billion dollar industry unless you know something is coming?

    It is easy for me to imagine the evil we witness from daily public operations of run-of-the-mill democrats being a drop in the ocean compared to the truly evil conspirators that move in the shadows and control those public sector puppets. Oh and does the puppet theater love to put on a show!! It's what they live for. I feel like there's something more to all of these companies turning their backs on gun owners and the constitution.

    The legal system in this country is slammed full of evil and corruption. They have systematically dismantled our rights for over a hundred years, and have done so with impunity. That's a fact, and the only way a guy can even maintain some joy in your life is to ignore the horrific injustices perpetrated by the legal system and law enforcement on a daily basis. We are suppose to have freedom... yet almost everyone has forgot what that even looks like.

    If these corps know something we don't... this could be a signal of some very bad things to come.

  • It may be as simple as investors choosing not to have any portion of their portfolio in certain companies (e.g. alcohol, tobacco, and firearms). If the banks detect a trend they often act on upon it in their best interest. Attached is a link for the parent company of Smith & Wesson. There are other investments within the sector that set easier with those in favor of stricter regulations regarding firearms. There are straight shooters on Wall Street but it's unlikely they would take a stand for 51 billion.

    It's sad when "business as usual" gets it wrong.


  • That pdf is an interesting read.