Bore Guides

  • Since I have recently brought my 452 22 mag and 455 17 HMR out of the closet so to speak cleaning them has become a routine now. My other 17 is a break barrel and I never worry about damaging it and don't have a problem getting the rod lined up once a patch or brush is inserted but the bolt gun is a different story. I have a universal guide for my center fire rifles but it doesn't work in everything i own, mainly the Mauser actions. After using a guide I don't care to clean without one but i still do and it takes a lot longer. Anyway, Possum Hollow looks like they make guides for CZ part #'s 95 and 92 and Midway has them. Don't know what everyone else uses and if there is a better choice I am open to suggestions.

  • @bigfoot Generally it is just get whatever works, or build your own.

  • @orkan
    If I had a stick of delrin laying around I probably would make one and end up spending more than one ready to go. Penny wise and pound foolish.


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