Bore Guides

  • Since I have recently brought my 452 22 mag and 455 17 HMR out of the closet so to speak cleaning them has become a routine now. My other 17 is a break barrel and I never worry about damaging it and don't have a problem getting the rod lined up once a patch or brush is inserted but the bolt gun is a different story. I have a universal guide for my center fire rifles but it doesn't work in everything i own, mainly the Mauser actions. After using a guide I don't care to clean without one but i still do and it takes a lot longer. Anyway, Possum Hollow looks like they make guides for CZ part #'s 95 and 92 and Midway has them. Don't know what everyone else uses and if there is a better choice I am open to suggestions.

  • @bigfoot Generally it is just get whatever works, or build your own.

  • @orkan
    If I had a stick of delrin laying around I probably would make one and end up spending more than one ready to go. Penny wise and pound foolish.

  • Since I became the new owner of a 10-22 I decided I better clean the barrel before I take it out and shoot it. Might be a dirt dobber nest in it or something. So, last week I dug around in my cleaning stuff and found a brand new Hoppes Bore Snake for 223/5.56. First, it took me three tries to get the cord through and had to end up blowing it through with air then I slathered it with cleaner and I couldn't pull the dang thing through. It had a lump where the cord was sewn that refused to go into the barrel. I rolled that thing up and chunked it back in the tool box. Went to plan B. Use a rod and go backwards like my Grandpa used to do about every ten years. Got it cleaned and bumped the end of the barrel just about every time with the brass end of the cleaning rod. I have a pretty good rod with some kind of graphite coating so I would really have to try to mess a barrel up I guess. Hit Academy last Saturday and bought a dedicated 22 rimfire cable pull through cleaner. Pretty neat and it worked like a charm. The thing that still was on my mind is I want to see a white patch come out and the only way is run a rod through it with a patch on a jag. I do have an Otis cable pull through that uses patches but of course it's not here so I made a muzzle guide. The parts to make it are a 3/4" pvc slip coupling, a 3/4" pvc plug and a 3/4" x 1/2" pvc slip bushing and a 1" piece of aluminum round stock. I've never seen a guide that attaches to the muzzle and don't know if it has any real merit but it works for me. Since the plugs are hollow I machined an aluminum piece that pressed into it and glued everything together. I trued the OD and squared the ends then chucked it up and bored the coupling end that had the bushing in it with enough clearance to slide onto the barrel easily, around .015. Sloppy, but I wanted "o" rings to be used to hold it
    on. Cutting those grooves was a pain but I did it. I drilled the aluminum piece with a 1/4" bit for clearance so when a patch is inserted it's not so tight that the solvent is squeezed out before entering the barrel. You can't tell it but the aluminum piece that mates to the barrel is separate with a hole that is the exact size of a 22 case. Top hole big, bottom hole small. It drops in from the barrel end . Once the guide is installed onto the barrel it's very concentric and the rod can be passed through without crashing into the end of the barrel. Whew, that's it.

  • Pretty sweet!

  • @mamalukino
    Does anyone use a rod on 22 autoloaders? Bore snakes must be the go to unless there is a magic rod that can bend and go through from the breach. Hell, I might get rich. Better be able to make them a lot faster than this one.

  • I just drilled a hole in the back of the receiver on my 10/22's so I could use a standard rod. Then I'd mill a block to go in the action in place of the bolt, and clamp the action in the bench vise. Since you have to clean auto's so frequently anyway, seemed the most logical thing to do.

  • @orkan
    Well then there you go. Always more than one way to skin a cat!

  • I have been misspelling "Volquartsen", shame on me. While I'm on the subject are "Volquartsen" rifles already drilled to run a rod through them or do you say a prayer and let the chips fly?

  • @bigfoot said in Bore Guides:

    Does anyone use a rod on 22 autoloaders? Bore snakes must be the go to unless there is a magic rod that can bend and go through from the breach. Hell, I might get rich. Better be able to make them a lot faster than this one.

    Orkan's method is the best, drill a hole.

  • The possum beat me to it. I haven't taken my 10-22 all the way down yet and I know I will have to. The bolt gets all junked up and rinsing it just spreads the grit. Might drill mine and be done with it. I just cleaned a Umarex/Colt AR 22 that I have. It takes a few minutes to get it apart but it's not as scary as everybody makes it out to be. The lever that holds the bolt open is a little tricky but if a klutz like me can do it just about anyone can.