Shoot for the Green PRS - AAR

  • Thursday afternoon, 3/17/16, my traveling partners - Robert Pugh and John Griswold - and I hit the road headed for Woodward, Oklahoma. Sight in for our first Precision Rifle Series shoot of the year, "Shoot for the Green" started on Friday at 1pm so we decided to break the 12 hour trip into two days. Friday morning we woke up in McCook, NE to four fresh inches of snow. Crazy to think we'd left 70's a day earlier and were heading south into snow!

    We rolled through Woodward at noon, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed out to the ranch where the shoot was to be held. After unpacking our rifles and grabbing a handful of ammo we all laid down at the 100 yard sighter board and proceeded to smash the center out of a few 1" dots. To verify that our Kestrels with Applied Ballistics were still tracking with the dope we'd gathered at home we each picked out a couple rocks from 660 to 1040 yards to pick on. Everyone met back at the ranch house for a brief rules and safety meeting before breaking for the evening.

    Luckily I had packed a good supply of warm clothes as the thermometer on my pickup showed a chilly 22 degrees as we neared the ranch again Saturday morning! 113 competitors gathered around the scoreboard trailer at first light and together we honored our nation in singing the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance. From there we broke into 10 squads of 10-12 shooters and headed towards our designated stages.

    Similar to last year, the shoot consisted primarily of prone shooting on troop line stages. The troop line stages would have 5 targets scored 2 points for a first round impact, 1 point for a second - max of 10 points per stage. There were a handful of positional stages thrown in as well including a tire pile, 4x4 PRS barricade, and tic-tac-toe barricade on the first day.

    I started off a little slow on the first day, but quickly picked up and I was able to clean some stages. I finished the first day sitting second with a score of 65. The leader was a fair stretch ahead at 71.

    The second day started pretty chilly again at around 20 degrees. Again, the second day was primarily troop lines with a rooftop stage, tank barricade stage, and barrel stage. I started the second day very strong only dropping 5 points on the first five stages. It wasn't long and the wind picked up, giving everyone fits and driving the scores down on the remaining stages.

    I was able to make a good run at first place but fell one point short! I had an awesome squad to shoot with all weekend that really pushed the pace. Just from our squad we had 2nd place, 5th place, 7th place, 13th, 16th, and 21st. The scores were stacked tight at the top with 140 taking first, 139 second, 138 third, and 137 fourth. South Dakota had a very strong showing and were well represented. TS Customs shooter Rob Pugh finished seventh with a score of 131 and John Griswold took 12th with 126.

    The way the scoring broke down further enforces the fact that EVERY SHOT COUNTS!
    I can easily think of a few places where I now wish I had slowed down a bit and made a couple more hits.

    My round count and conditions for each day are outlined in range reports for my 6BRX.

    I can't thank the match director and RO's enough for putting on an excellent shoot!

  • Sounds like a fun event. Good shooting

  • Banned

    Great shooting and great pictures. I am looking forward to seeing more of this for the different matches you attend this year!

  • Outstanding showing Travis! Sure is nice to see the South Dakota competitors having a good time and placing well. :)

  • That some good shooting and I bet a whole lot of fun. Congratulations man.

  • I know I'm doing some necromancy bringing this thread back from the dead. Sorry if this is against protocol.
    I was looking through these old posts trying to get an idea or two on positions I might see in my coming competition so I can train them. and I noticed @tscustoms has a bipod just forward of his magwell on his mcmillian stock.

    That looks like it would be quite useful; what magwell allows that?

  • Hawkins precision.

  • @orkan

    Will that drop into a surgeon inlet?

  • @tackyp No

  • 140 took first, how many rounds for all stages?

  • @martino1 said:

    140 took first, how many rounds for all stages?

    I don't remember exactly. Likely 180-200