Crappy factory barrels

  • I got a Lyman borescope today and so of course it’s been down just about every rifles barrel I own so far. Most all my rifles have quality custom barrels on them but my brother has a factory 6.5 creedmoor Ruger Precision Rifle. The gun actually shoots pretty good but I was amazed at how shity the factory barrel was inside. It had big pits in it and was missing chunks of rifling all the way down the barrel. It’s a shame manufacturers put such pore quality barrels on production rifles. I understand it’s to cut cost but the end product would be so much better if they took a little pride in their work.

  • @bull81 Pride in their work is a concept that does not exist in large businesses. Look what ruger has done to the 10/22 in a few short years. They took a legacy, and turned it into a useless piece of pot metal trash with plastic holding the pot metal together.

    In a world of clock punchers that care of nothing but money, the continued downward spiral of products is as predictable as sunrise/sunset.

    Yet just remember, most shooters just can't wait to buy yet ANOTHER $300 gun. One piece of crap after the next, as many of them as they can buy. The quality of firearms have paced perfectly with the quality of human beings.

  • I also bought one recently and I have inspected a factory sabatti rover finding a lot of tool marks and holes in the rifling... Also inspected my mauser and found it was in worse shape than I thought, almost toasted.

    This makes me doubt which rifle to buy next if all of the factory ones have this crap of barrels... I had planned to choose one factory rifle and change the barrel for a custom one, but right now the legislation of my country does not allow it.

  • @orkan You are so on the money with Ruger and the 10/22,i will never buy another factory 10/22 again they have become dogshit.Kidd Innovations and Volquartsen are the only way to go.

  • @steelbanger I had a kidd supergrade. It was very finicky with what ammo it would cycle. Their triggers though... they are awful nice.

    There's many reasons why we became a volquartsen dealer. ;)

  • I stopped by TS Customs a few days ago and watched travis chamber a barrel. When he was done, the chamber had a mirror like finish with no tool marks. If you want good quality, there is no sense in anything but a custom barrel. I would hate having to go back to factory barrels.

    Now I just wish that whidden could figure out how to cut a die without leaving tool marks.

  • @dddoo7 said in Crappy factory barrels:

    Now I just wish that whidden could figure out how to cut a die without leaving tool marks.

    Pretty sure they can, it just takes an investment on your part. It's almost impossible to not leave tool marks when single point cutting. Though if you buy a reamer, and the resize reamer for it... whidden could use that to knock out your die set and I'd venture a guess it would look pretty good.

  • @orkan

    I bet so and I intend to try that with the next caliber I buy. For now, flitz will have to do.