Horizontal stringing

  • Worked up a new load for my 6.5x47 with 140 JLK’s and shot a match with them Saturday. I been busy and didn’t get to do as much testing as normal before the match. During the match I had a good bit of horizontal stringing and it really affected my score. My calls during the match had been solid so I knew something was going on. When I Tested the load I shot two five round groups and they had horizontal but the sun was in my eyes and I couldn’t see real good so I wrote it off as me. After the match I came home and shot two more 5 round groups and they measured right at 1 moa wide with almost zero vertical. I swapped to varget and the horizontal went away. Now I understand that everything thing must be in tune with the barrel harmonics in order for a rifle to preform its best, but usually being out of tune shows more vertical on paper. This is the first time I can remember having only horizontal like this. Just out of curiosity has anyone else seen this?

  • I had the same issue with my 47. I went to Berger 130 AR hybrids with Varget and got very consistent 1/4” groups all the way out to 1200 yards.

  • I swapped from H4350 to varget and it’s hammering. H4350 and 140 hybrids do extremely well too. I just found it odd how it was only horizontal stringing