Here kitty kitty

  • I did something I usually don't do and tried to hunt some public land this weekend. Thought it would be a good opportunity to see what a TS customs 7LRM does to either deer or pigs. Hunted about 12 miles from sun up to sun down over some pretty tough terrain that looked liked prime deer habitat and saw nothing. Needless to say I was discouraged and frustrated.

    Right as I was headed back to the truck I heard a rock or something fall down the canyon opposite where I was and spotted this guy cruising along parallel to me. Made the hair stand on end and might explain why I couldn't find anything.
    First one I've ever seen and thought I'd share.
    Shitty cell phone shot. Sorry.

  • Banned

    Holy S. That had to be something else. My heart would have gotten a nice jump start after seeing that.

  • That’s why I want a 10mm or 357 to carry deer hunting. Dang things.