So obviously a setup


    This is why you must live clean christian lives folks. The enemies of freedom will use every tactic at their disposal to defeat us. This whole thing is so obviously orchestrated. Yet people have such misplaced faith in the dogshit justice system in this country, they think that only guilty people get charged. ... so this guy will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get free of it... if he ever does.

    Remember, women are the primary reason we aren't all in paradise right now. Letting women have influence over your behavior in ANY negative way is sure to end badly for you. Men's desire for sexual companionship often has horrific results. If that isn't proof of the devil and its mechanisms, I don't know what is.

    Never will you see a stronger man than one who has put lust behind him. Here is yet another perfect example of honey pot entrapment, and he let it happen. So now it will be a media circus and no one even gives a shit about the truth. Some little whore joined a website for adults, passed herself off as an adult, had sex of her own will, got paid, and then goes crying because she feels guilty for being a worthless whore... and now gets to hop on the money train.

    Modern society and most of the people in it absolutely disgust me. This whole thing stinks of dogshit, and every cop, lawyer, prosecutor, and civil servant perpetuating it is evil of the rawest form. Cody is a dumbass for seeking this the way he did. THAT is a message that needs perpetuated. Every time you see a woman posting pictures of herself half naked... that isn't something to admire. That's something to despise and generate disgust. People need to admire morality and values, and encourage others to do so.

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  • Cmdr. Officer fielded a few other questions, like if the APD knew whether Wilson had a history of this alleged action (right now, they’re only aware of this particular incident) or whether anything indicates this might be entrapment. “That’s why we have the courtroom and attorneys,” Cmdr. Officer said. “Our job is to enforce the law and make an arrest on the front end. We felt we had enough to charge him with and we had the District Attorney and Judge signing off on the affidavit.”

    This whole thing is absolutely disgusting. Cops justify arresting everyone based on what the DA and Judge will sign. DA' and Judge base what they sign on who the cops want to arrest. Then they both sit there like the smug son of a bitches they are and say "well that's why we have court rooms!"

    If you've ever been innocent, and drug through this bullshit... you will know my disgust. The police are the only real threat people in this country face. They will lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate the system, and all the while call it "justice."


    ONE day.

    We've been in a war without end for 30 years in the middle east. We've had a "war on drugs" for FIFTY fucking years. They couldn't find bin laden for TEN years. They can't secure the border. They can't control government spending. They can't build roads that don't need to be rebuilt every 2 years. They can't lower our taxes. Point in fact, the government can't seem to accomplish a single fucking thing, ever.

    Yet somehow they can find and arrest a member of the far right (that had consensual sex with a whore that lied about her age) in a different country within 24hrs?

    Well, the only thing worse than reading these bullshit stories from the puppet theater is reading some of the absolutely retarded comments of the sheep in this country. This entire thing is more proof of the complete stupidity of the american people.

  • Propaganda and education controlled by the state brainwashes the sheep easily.
    Now what was I doing 35 years ago in a drunken stupor I can cash in on.