Volquartsen 17WSM McMillan Lightweight

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    This rifle is amazingly handy. The Thunderbeast 22 takedown is a perfect addition to it. So far, it's proving to be very accurate. I had an issue with it when it first arrived, with wandering point of aim and accuracy problems, but it seems to be holding 3/4moa at 100yds with the exception of the usual rimfire flyers. The 17WSM cartridge itself is quite impressive. Definitely fills a role the 17HMR can't begin to touch.

    The recoil impulse on this rifle is amazingly sharp. It's an extremely unique shooting experience. The action is a straight blowback design, and as such the weight of the bolt and the power of the return spring are the deciding factors of operation. Volquartsen went with a machined tungsten bolt to get the weight desired. You read that right... the entire bolt is tungsten. That's just about as hard and heavy as metal gets. I can't imagine the tooling costs associated with making those bolts! The action itself is stainless steel.

    The extreme weight of the bolt and the inherent power of the 17WSM cartridge presents some very abrupt recoil. I haven't felt anything quite like it before. It's exhilarating to shoot! It also presents some stiff requirements regarding optic mounts. High quality mounts with good contact area are a must. I could see this setup really beating up some cheap scopes.

    The unique recoil impulse makes for an absolutely fantastic training tool. Keeping the reticle on target during recoil takes talent. It will test me when I'm in awkward firing positions, such as one finds themselves in when blasting out the window of a pickup.

    It's not hard to get a complete package around 9.5lbs. VERY handy and packs a punch. Eight rounds in the mag and one in the chamber ensures plenty of bang bang for whatever is on the receiving end. The 17WSM hits HARD and really knocks critters down.

    We will have these rifles in stock in a few months. Each one will be bedded by TS Customs, and thoroughly tested by me. They will also each have a custom cerakote job from @dddoo7 at Primal Finish. Several other important features will be added as well. This setup will not be available anywhere other than Primal Rights!

    If you're interested in reserving one of these rifles, give me a call and we'll talk it over! 605-554-1911

  • Wow, tungsten is a bitch to work with, especially in a mass production environment. I would be curious to see how they do it. I bet they have some type of powdered metal process to form the basic shape, then finish machine/grind to final.

  • Smashed a badger with the 17WSM today. This rifle and cartridge doesn't fail to impress! These critters are tough. Lesser cartridge would have required followup shots. With the Volquartsen, I had them ready... but none were needed!


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    I had the chance to get behind this today. This thing is the real deal guys! Holy smokes is it handy, and this caliber really packs a punch! I will be adding one to my collection very soon.
    I’m quite impressed with how the rifle functions. The trigger is really good and I was able to dump 3 p-dogs at 100-250 yards very quickly. I must have one of these!

  • These use proprietary magazines?

  • Yes.

  • Orkan is that a NF compact scope on that rifle?I been thinking about the NF compact for a custom 10/22 that I have and I was wondering what you think of it.

  • @steelbanger For a rimfire field rifle it's probably fine... but for a rimfire target/precision rifle I'd prefer something else, like a TT 315M or a S&B 3-20 or 5-25.

  • @orkan just out of curiosity what’s your beef with NF scopes?

  • I don't have a "beef" with them.

  • @orkan
    Ok poor choice of words, what do you dislike about NF scopes? I’ve never seen you have much to say about them other than you don’t like them.

  • Here is one issue we've discussed about the 4-16x ACATR getting some complaints about parallaxing ... (or not parallaxing) ... Greg used to sell these about 5 years ago ... I almost bought one from him. We discussed it way back in 2014. But I asked again more recently ... here ...


  • Thanks for your input on the NF scope Orkan.I was wondering how your making out with the 17wsm Volquartsen rifles.

  • @bull81 said in Volquartsen 17WSM McMillan Lightweight:

    Ok poor choice of words, what do you dislike about NF scopes?

    Depends on the model and the application at hand I guess. It's not about what I dislike about nightforce, but what I like about other scopes. If I never owned any other scope, I wouldn't know what I was missing. Yet I have used lots of other scopes... and I choose the best ones for the the applications I have in mind. What I feel is the best choice always seems to be something not nightforce. Just like it always seems to be not barska.

    @steelbanger said in Volquartsen 17WSM McMillan Lightweight:

    I was wondering how your making out with the 17wsm Volquartsen rifles.

    Fun toy to be sure. For serious business I'd bring something else.