We are a Volquartsen dealer!

  • I'm sure many of you have heard of Volquartsen. They have been making some of the very best semi-auto rimfire rifles and accessories for a couple decades. Great stuff. They recently came out with their Scorpion pistol, which has been a great success.

    I'm currently testing the 17WSM McMillan lightweight rifle. I have more a bit more shooting to do before I can say much about that one. It shows much promise!

    The Scorpion pistol however, I've shot a ton and can safely say it's quite awesome. I've ran CCI subsonic HP's through it primarily. These rounds have a notoriously difficult time in semi-auto's, yet the scorpion has functioned smoothly! Only two jams, in over 1400 rounds. With supers, I don't think it would have malfunctioned at all. It's a bit spendy at around $1500, yet it is clearly the most superior 22lr auto I've ever used.

    The 1911 style grips are very nice and offer that traditional grip and pointing, though they do offer an original ruger-style frame if you like the glock/mkII feel a bit better. The bolt is extremely smooth and the nice round handle out the rear provides the most intuitive charging of any semi auto I've touched. Trigger is crisp and light, and the accuracy of this little 4.5" model I'm using is outstanding. I shot a prairie dog at 83yds with it!

    If you fellas would like any info or would like to order a Volquartsen of your own... just let me know! https://volquartsen.com/ Check out their website to see what all is offered.


    Here it is after over 1000rnds. Still pretty clean! Still runs smooth!

    Squared up this fat one!

  • How easy is it to field strip for cleaning? The older MK3's are a royal pain.

  • Volquartsen and Kidd are the 2 places i go too for anything 10/22.Great company.I will be interested in your review of the 17WSM Mcmillian rifle.

  • One of you has to be first! Must be something in Volquartsen's lineup one of you needs! ;)

    Btw, the 17WSM McMillan Lightweight... it's quite impressive so far. A truly unique and innovative rifle.