Squeeze Bag

  • Ain't something hanging under a cow and I never heard of one or saw one until recently. I use the owl ear bags I guess they are called for a rear bag but I scrunch mine up and twist it around so much I have to stop and straighten it out after a couple of shots. I was at a gun shop a couple of weeks ago and asked the guy behind the counter if he had anything like that. He has a computer right in front of him so he looked a couple up so nothing to do but order one. It has been raining just about every day here for over a week so I'm confined to my shop and it's either run some rough cedar through my planer and choke to death or make a couple of squeeze bags today. Bags got the vote. I have ordered stuff from Tactical Works and they have a bag in stock and after looking at it I decided a sock might be the shape I need to make one. I tried a linen bag shelled peanuts came in but it was too big. I couldn't wrap my hand around it to squeeze. Anyway, a child's sock size five to nine and some poly pellets and two bags were made. Socks were a buck and the pellets seven dollars and free labor. Basically filled the bottom of the sock with pellets and stitched the top ( kind of tricky ) then folded the ankle portion over and stitched at at the bottom. I used to repair shrimp nets so I can sew, no big deal. The flap I guess I will call it is a handy place to hook either your thumb in or forefinger and help hold it where you want it. Feels good in the shop guess I might get to try it in October when it quits raining. Meanwhile, if anyone has a particular brand or style feel free to comment. My sewing may fail and pellets will go everywhere.

  • Looks like they will work! I used to make rear bags but now I use tab gear. They are cheap enough it is not worth my time.

  • Looks good but plus one on the TAB bag.

  • I have a feeling these will stretch out pretty fast but until I can get a real one I will use them. I wouldn't put much trust in them for extensive use. I have had some pads made at one of our boat manufacturers here in Palacios in their upholstery shop before but didn't want to bother them for these things. I will check out the Tab Gear and if they come unfilled the pellets should work. They have good compression in the socks to raise or lower the stock and hold it where you want it.

  • @bigfoot the tab bags don’t come without filling to my knowledge but work very well. I use mine for everything including Fclass. They are only about 20 bucks so it’s not a big risk. Hell if you don’t like it I’ll buy it back from you.

  • OBE now but I made a bunch out of blue jean legs and black sand blasting media. Sewed them on an industrial machine with heavy upholstery thread. They’ve survived over 15 years so far. Mice we’re chewing my leather bags.

  • @bull81
    I saw where they have a zippered model but it might get in the way, might get one and try it. The video I watched looks like they are an all American company or they try to source everything from here. I know the Caldwell ones I have are Chinese made. I have shot from blue jean bags before also and tire inner tubes full of sand. The inner tubes are fine until they start leaving black junk all over you.

  • Tab gear rear bag solves this problem entirely. I've made some pretty respectable shots off them over the years. A $20 bill? This isn't even worth the energy used by your brain to read this thread. ;)

  • Tab Gear gets the vote from me. Texas based in Bandera and headquarters about an hour and a half drive from our South Texas property. I guess they do some manufacturing there as well. I saw where they make suppressor covers and will get one as well for my 30 caliber can. Too bad they don't make scope bags, I could use a couple. Can't seem to catch them in stock at LaRue. Finally quit raining here.