Automatic Amp Annealing

  • Ok this is very cool.

    Lots of potential points of failure, but still very cool.

  • Well cool
    Upgrade. I actually used a friends AMP this weekend and it got old feeding it one at a time. It also over heated and had to cool down after about 250 pieces of 6.5x47 brass which was a bit disappointing

  • I’ve had mine on preorder for about a month now. Stoked.

    I’m also gonna trade in the 1st gen machine for the 2nd gen as soon as it comes available. Longer run times. And the annealing quality and all my custom programs should be exactly the same as the 1st gen.

    I did ~2000 pieces of LC brass the other day in two sittings for an AR load. It got old real quick but the machine kept on going.

  • I'll continue to hand feed my AMP, unless your doing 100's of rounds in one sitting I just cant see the justification. I don't know the price but Ill bet this is not cheap. I can do 100 rounds in less time that it would take to set this thing up. Love my AMP but Ill wait and see the review once its out in the wild.

  • Looks cool. Obviously a lot of thought went into it. But there is a lot of setup and moving parts where something could go wrong.


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