Starting a PRS Style Shoot at the Local Club

  • I'm working with a couple members to start a PRS style shoot at my local club. We have held a few "practice" events the last couple of weeks where we have gotten together and ran through/ shot several stages that we are thinking about. The plan is to propose a plan to our board of directors next week and hold a more formal event Oct 6. I'm hoping this will kick something off and we can do several shoots next year.

    Looking for some additional ideas for stages. We can shoot from 350 out to 600 yards at our range. I expect about 12-15 shooters will show up for the formal event. Most of whom will be fairly inexperienced at this style shooting.

  • Aside from your standard PRS barricade, tank traps, and boats (suspended platforms) are good choices and are relatively cheap to construct.

  • @bull81 don't forget rooftop!

  • @orkan
    Very true forgot about that, it would be cheap to construct as well.

  • culverts. cattle gates, I hate them dearly, but still good props.

  • Force a position where they can’t use a bipod. Sitting/kneeling or standing and freehand.

    Kicks my ass every time I try it.

    Adjust target sizes accordingly. 1/3 IPSC or so.

  • We've got a barricade we plan on using for a couple stages. We talked about a suspended platform last week. We've also talked about a station where we do something from kneeling/ sitting and/or standing/ freehand. The roof top is a good idea. Any props we would use would need to be pretty portable. I don't thin we will have time to build a lot of props for this fall's shoot but hopefully we can do more for next spring.

  • Plastic barrels and a stack of tires are also very good props.
    Anything where if the shooter is paying attention a little bit and can see that they can get front and rear support is a plus.
    Nobody likes to do a lot of missing. Start by maybe making it a little easier than you think it should be and you'll be more apt to get guys hooked if they're having fun and getting some hits.

  • We held this event last weekend. We were hoping for 10-12 shooters to show up. We only had 5 but it ended up working out ok as we did a lot of learning on how to set-up/ run the match. Everybody had a lot of fun including a few people that just came out to spectate and watch. I'm working on some plans to continue for next year.

    I'm thinking of trying to run a league night for 2 nights a month. We would run 2-3 stages and not focus so much on time and more on getting into position, target acquisition/ getting comfortable.

    I would also like to get some sort of weekend tournament series going where we would run 8-10 stations on a Saturday or Sunday. Maybe 4 or 5 events throughout the summer with some sort of finale.