Custom Coated Rifle Accessories

  • Having a rifle coated in a camo pattern is a very practical option. It blends in very well with the environment allowing one to go undetected more often than with a single color gun. Black is a color that almost does not exist in nature. Black stands out like a sore thumb and will quickly give away one's position to the animals being hunted. Yet even on a camo rifle there are still several large accessories that are black (mags, suppressor, bipod, scope rings). Coating these to match the rifle increases the overall appearance of the rifle as well as allowing it to blend better in nature.

    If you already have a rifle that is coated in camo, send me your suppressor and mags to be coated to match. Suppressor can be shipped from you to me (class 3 dealer) for coating and back to you without a tax stamp or transfer.

    If your rifle has not yet been coated, then now is a good time to send it to me. I am offering two free mags coated with the rifle in the month of September.

    Call to discuss your custom Cerakote project! 901-451-1249

    Prices are as follows:
    Custom Coated Mags and/or Suppressor-- 3 color camo
    1 mag-- $60
    2 mags-- $110
    2 mags and a suppressor-- $165
    Suppressor by itself-- $65

    Custom Coated Mags and/or Suppressor-- Single color
    1 mag-- $40
    2 mags-- $75
    2 mags and suppressor-- $115
    Suppressor by itself-- $50
    Scope rings— $50

    Custom Coated Atlas Bipods-- Single color or Two tone-- $400
    Atlas bipods can be coated in any custom color or two tone
    FDE and ODE/FDE are in stock at Primal Rights






  • Cerakote is a VERY good idea for hunters. Camo is the best choice. Even if you don't want it camo, get a solid color in an earth tone.

  • That is very detailed work for a very reasonable price. Looks awesome!!

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    Camo with Contrasting Flutes