Dust Devil

  • I was riding out to my 300 yard target in our Polaris and spotted this small Devil fixing to enter the field. I have seen some really big ones out there that have corn stalks and lots of debris in them and some can actually do damage if you were skimpy on the nails in a tin roof. This one ran out of steam pretty quick.

  • Cool video. We get those around here too. The bigger ones can rip a guy right off an open top tractor.

  • @orkan
    I bet you get some big ones if you are in some flat terrain. They claim it's a sign of a weather change. That may be true, It clouded up north of us Sunday night after this was shot and rained as much as eight inches in places and has continued to be unstable the last few days. Down here on the coast we get water spouts and right now it's prime conditions for them. There is a thunderstorm booming right now as I type.:( Pretty soggy here.