Hunting with Tangent Theta optics.

  • A frequent question from hunters is "Do I really need the TT525P or is a 15x magnification model just fine?" I respond with the same answer, in that you don't "need" 25x, but often it can be very nice.

    While I was out shooting pdogs, an antelope bedded down at 625yds, giving me an opportunity to get some pictures with a TT315M and a TT525P on max magnification. Due to the terrible nature of taking photo's through a riflescope, the quality of the image should not be considered. However, the size relationships are very valid. The GenIIXR reticle is in both scopes.

    TT315M @ 15x (max)

    TT525P @ 25x (max)

    You can easily see that the 315M is more than capable of making the shot. If you were trying to score a trophy animal and gauge the quality of the hardware on his head... the 525P clearly has an advantage. The visual representation and experience when looking through these scopes is vastly superior to what is illustrated in these pictures. So, just as I tell customers inquiring about this... the intended application is what determines the best course of action. A 525P is not the correct choice for an 7lb titanium/carbon mountain rifle. The 315M is not the correct choice for a 15lb big magnum intended to take animals at 1000yds.

    There's a lot that goes into this decision, and I'm happy to help any of you make that choice by talking out all the specifics on the phone if you're in the market for a Tangent Theta. I can safely say I have more experience than anyone living when it pertains to using these scopes in actual field conditions when hunting live targets. I'll help where I can!

  • @orkan said in Hunting with Tangent Theta optics.:

    Due to the terrible nature of taking photo's through a riflescope, the quality of the image should not be considered.

    When you talk about the "terrible nature" of of taking a picture with a camera through a scope, there are plently of people that don't fully understand what you mean by that. My Burris XTRII doesn't look a whole lot better than this at full magnification with the naked eye. And the XTRII is a decent mid-range scope. I have looked through crappy scopes that might not even be this good with the naked eye, so I promise you there are a great many people that think this IS a good view through a scope.

  • These pics are excellent as far as pics through a scope goes. Also, like you say, these pics are better than most mid range optics are with a naked eye. I have looked through "mid grade" scopes that weren't this clear with the naked eye. Yet the pics don't even begin to do justice for the clarity that Tangent Theta scopes have in real life. One really can't understand until they lay down and look through them on a clear day.

  • Yup, the pics are quite bad compared to what it's like behind the scopes with your eye. The mirage was heavy there, and the focus isn't perfect due to the camera error. All kinds of things that our eyes do that cameras don't.