A side of Round Up with your breakfast

  • Yikes

  • We'll pay the price for this chemical onslaught we're under for generations to come.

    They won't stop until the earth is sterile and unable to support life.

  • What makes this worse is that Round-up barely effects the plants anymore. 20 years ago a little bit of Round-up would kill everything. Now many weeds have become resistant to it.

  • Give me spots on my apples
    But leave me the birds and the bees

    Joni Mitchell 1970

  • We have not used any chemicals in our gardens in at least 20 years, we began to see the obvious writing on the wall about all of these big-chem solutions for everything a long time ago. I wish more people would see the chemical cesspool we have slowly turned our planet into. But some just can't be convinced.

    As an example, a family friend that has been in the maintenance/yardkeeping business his entire adult life. He was at my house doing some work in the yard, and he showed up with Roundup. My wife went semi-ballistic when he started spraying it on the bottom of the fence that surrounds our vegetable garden. He insisted that it was safe, and that it was nothing but a type of phosphate saltwater, not much different than an epsom salt solution. When my wife pressed him on this statement, we found out that he had been brainwashed this propaganda by a Monsanto rep years ago. And he has continued to expose himself to Roundup ever since, convinced it is safe. People will truly believe anything initially, then continue to delude themselves into holding on to that way of thinking long after sufficient contrary evidence has been given to them.

    On a side note, that same dude is now in renal failure, heart failure, and lung failure. He is 41 years old. Don't know if the Roundup can be the blame. He also took Adderall daily for 20 years. After a few years of the Addy, he couldn't sleep, so they prescribed Klonopin. Uppers to wake up and get through the day, downers to shut it down and sleep at night. All doctor-prescribed. The pharma/physician relationship/scam in our society is truly criminal.

    I have another friend that did the same thing, Addy/Klonopin for about the same length of time. Every night he would grab a Klonipin, an Adderal, and a glass of water on his way to bed. He would take the Klonopin, place the water and Adderal next to his bed, and set his alarm to wake him up 2 hours before he needed to get up. Alarm goes off, he pops the Adderal, and goes back to sleep until his second alarm goes off 2 hours later when he pops out of bed like a spring. More Adderal to keep going through the day, then rinse and repeat at night. About a year ago he went into the hospital ER not feeling well. They tested him and released him saying they couldn't find anything wrong. He had a massive heart attack on the sidewalk outside the hospital front door waiting on a taxi. He suffered significant brain damage and will probably never be free from assisted living. He is 52. Gotta love doctors and hospitals.

  • @orkan said in A side of Round Up with your breakfast:

    We'll pay the price for this chemical onslaught we're under for generations to come.

    They won't stop until the earth is sterile and unable to support life.

    Mother Nature will likely make a course correction before that happens. If extinction of humanity is that correction, then we only have ourselves to blame.

    As Agent Smith said: "Humans are like a virus"