Clock punchers.

  • Last night I had an emergency equipment situation which required I drive to a store over an hour away. I got there with 10 minutes to spare, and purchased an item that store staff had to help me carry out and prep. I was moving as quick as I could, but six O'clock (closing time) rolled around quickly after I arrived. I had called ahead before I left to ensure they had the product and would be able to get it ready for me.

    On arrival, they hadn't got it prepped. So, I did it while they waited. When closing time came, and I mean the very second any clock said 6:00, it was as if the staff were being physically tortured. They shuffled about fidgeting and sighing. Physical pain was displayed on their faces. As 6:07 arrived, I was basically finished. At that moment, I witnessed these people about face and go straight to their vehicles. They didn't tell one another "bye" or "see you tomorrow" or anything of the sort... just immediately left as quickly as possible. One of them even ran to their vehicle.

    I was happy to have retrieved my needed item, but absolutely disgusted in the behavior displayed by my fellow humans. The desperation to get away from their jobs was some of the most peasant-like things I've ever seen. If you are filling your life with a job you hate, or are so busy that you have to sprint around everywhere... you're doing everything wrong.

    It's not even open for debate. Peoples greed and desires have led society into a mode of operation that is against the natural order of things. You aren't suppose to work somewhere that you hate so bad that you can't wait to leave every day. You're suppose to enjoy your work, taking pride in it. If that requires a few more minutes out of your day, you aren't suppose to fidget around like a drug addict in a donut shop.

    If you're a clock puncher that just can't wait for the day to end, change your life. Change everything. ... just stop acting like a peasant.

  • And to think if they just helped you load up they could have left even sooner.

  • I manage a sales staff of 25 professional inside sales reps, we have core hours are 8:00 to 5:00. Our office is in Atlanta so if you have never driven here It’s hard for you to appreciate how hard it is to get around in the god awful traffic. I love my job so I am sitting in my desk at 6:30. I choose to drive 60 miles one way to work everyday, so I can live in the country, Most of my staff also love their job, unfortunately I have a few that I struggle with. They literally walk in at 8:00 and are shutting their computers down at 4:55 and you better not be in the way of the door. To ask these people to stay 7 minuets late would be like asking them cut off their arm. Drives me crazy, but that’s what our country has become. I do my best everyday to try and coach my staff on working hard, owning their business and the importance of going the extra mile for our customers. Ask me who gets the big bonuses and promotions every year and who doesn’t?

  • My company has about 30 people globally ... There are about 15 of those people on my team the customer service team ... (I say about, not because I don't know exactly, but because it varies over the months). Of my team, 2 of the 3 people in CA and 1 in NYC are clock punchers ... the other 12 ... including moi ... want to keep our jobs ... we like our jobs (I get to work for a high tech start up ... while sitting at my ranch in Kansas !! :D ) ... and we know that if we don't do our utmost ... the company might not make it and we might have to get other jobs ... which we would rather not do. I just think some people can't think "strategically" ... they're more worried about making that after work activity they have planned ... than they are about FINISHING the task the customer is waiting for. Fortunately, my team works 24x7 ... so if some of the SF or NYC people don't finish their work, I can move it to one of the night shift people.

    In my previous company ... there was at least a core in all departments that did their utmost ... Several times (about once a year) I was "late" in getting a purchase order request for a major order to purchasing ... I called ahead (sound familiar) 2 hours before end of day and explained the circumstances ... and the one lady who was allowed to take the PO all the way to the stage of sending it to the supplier ... stayed late and got it done ... That company had a culture of helping not only the external customer but the internal one as well ... because ultimately everything we did benefited, all stakeholders ... investors, customers and employees. That was a great company to work for as well.

  • When I ran my roofing company, I had two guys that worked for me. I paid them well and treated them well and expected them to work hard for me. I paid them through lunch, but sometimes our lunch was only 15 minutes. I also paid for their lunch every day. When we had out of town jobs that I made big money on, then I gave them big bonuses. I bought them boots at times and other small perks that didn’t really cost a lot, but meant a lot to them. Those two guys would have walked through fire for me if I had asked them to. They worked harder for me than most any other four guys work and in doing so they made me good money. I hired these two guys off of another roofer that they hated working for. It has been 9 years since I owned a roofing company and I am still friends with those two guys. They still go hiking with me every year.

    If you are “punching the clock”, then you either don’t have the right job or the right boss. Either way I would make changes to make your life happier.

  • I thought about adding more about "bosses" yesterday ... and after dd...s account I will ...

    Here is a story about "if you don't like your boss, get a new one ;) '

    Once in the Army, I was responsible for getting promotion packets to main post by date-x ... I got all the packets from the company First Sergeants (I was a Corporal in those days) ... and then took them into the PSNCO (I had just got transferred to Battalion a few days before) ... he said they were late, I said, "but Sarge" I will run them down to main post right now myself and they will not be late! He took them and put them in his desk and walked out saying "they are late for MY deadline". At the very least, I had to let the First Sergeants know their promotion packets would be a month late. Their men's promotions would be a month late, their men's pay increases would be a month late. So I walked around to each company and spoke to each SFC. None of them were happy. At least one of them called the Battalion CSM ... by the time I got back to Bn Hindquarters, the butter bar Adjutant (the S-1 boss over the PSNCO) was outside waiting for me, he said "next time, let me know first" ... (he and I had never spoken before that moment) ... but anyway, I never saw that PSNCO again. The next morning, we had a new PSNCO .. and he was great !!
    Now, I did not intend to get a new boss ... I was just letting my stake holders know the bad news ... but I didn't like my old boss ... and I did get a new one, none the less !!!

  • Every business owner I've talked to in the last 5 years have all said that it's near impossible to hire good help.

    The welfare state has ensured no one needs to care about jobs. You can just go to the government with your hand out, and the more worthless you are the more money you get.

  • @orkan said in Clock punchers.:

    Every business owner I've talked to in the last 5 years have all said that it's near impossible to hire good help.

    The welfare state has ensured no one needs to care about jobs. You can just go to the government with your hand out, and the more worthless you are the more money you get.

    I think a lot has to do with how many of the new entrants in the workforce were raised. It seems as though too many parents had not set boundaries of acceptable behavior and expectations.

    Not so long ago a friend of mine's son was complaining about his boss. The son was not happy about being told what to do and how to do it...… I said maybe you were never told but you are get paid for DOING WHAT YOUR BOSS TELLS YOU TO DO. What really floored me is that the kid didn't think that made sense.... He wanted to tell the boss how things should be done. His employment at the store lasted 3 days...