Tangent Theta now or wait ?

  • I am selling some gear and am thus in the rare position of being able to acquire some gear, to include at least one "major" item (under $10k).
    I'm considering three "paths"
    1- Scope
    2 - gun
    3 - gear
    Now in any case, I can get some gear ... and I already ordered a RRS tripod and head as I can work that in ... in any case ... and a few other smaller items as well. The case for the scope, is that I would like to have at least two "good" scopes that can also double as spotting scopes. The current NF 7-35x t3 gets that done for me and so is one of those scopes. The TT 5-25x could be the other.
    The case for the rifle, is I would like a "lightish" patrol style rifle that is very carry-able and yet can hit 12 inch steel at 900yds. That is 1.5 MOA ... so not a super high bar. All my guns right now, even if they start out under 10 pounds wind up weighing over 15 pounds by the time I get them in to the field. Adding scopes and rails and NV/thermal clipons and lasers and bipods and ammo etc. So the gun that would fit into this space might need to start at around 6 pounds. I could then probably get it into the field at around 12 pounds. The Q "Fix" looks like an option ,but I'm being told to "wait" by a guy who I've vetted a bit (he has come out and shot with me, etc.) who has one.
    The case for the gear only option, is that for the past 5 years ... I've always had A NEW THERMAL at the top of my list ... and the gear stuff always takes back seat. More kit gear .. finishing all the Crye Precision options I want, more mags, more nav items ... more radios (I only have about 20 radios now :D ) ... finally re-acquiring my HAM license, etc. But for the first time in 5 years ... I do not need a new thermal ... WOW !!! :D

    Right now I'm leaning in the "gear only" direction. I'll have my year end bonus maybe and my tax return for 2019 for sure ... and so can get a TT and/or a gun regardless within about 9 months.
    The case for waiting on the TT is the rumor of a new reticle.
    Here is an entity saying

    "I have seen the drawing for the new reticle. It is a thoroughly modern design that I think will do well."


    Now I know nothing of this entity self described "Lord of Optics" :D ... a.k.a. "koshkin" ... a.k.a. "ILya" ... but s/he/it is claim "I have seen .. "
    So this is potentially evidence of a new reticle.
    Even orkan in his 2014 review of the TT indicated there might be a new reticle as early as 2015 ...
    Now I work for an engineering company ... and any future intentions are far from "promises" ... the market dictates the reality ... and I know that. And if the demand for the TT scopes as is, remains above the capacity to produce them, then the case for them to add a new reticle is low ... as it might reduce the rate of production of the current scopes. I get that.
    But the noise level seems to be rising ... and waiting at least until SHOT might be indicated.

    Does anyone else have any relevant data on intentions of TT regarding new reticles? I figure I'd ask here and I figure there are more TT scopes per member on this site than on EVERY OTHER site on this planet ... :)

  • @kansas said in Tangent Theta now or wait ?:

    The current NF 7-35x t3 gets that done for me and so is one of those scopes. The TT 5-25x could be the other.

    As I said on the phone, if you think the TT can be compared to the nightforce... you might be in for a rude awakening if you ever get behind both.

    Regarding reticle... if you can't get any shot made with the GenIIXR, you better put down rifles and take up a new hobby. :)

  • Tangent Theta now. I would hate to have to shoot with anything else. Even my S&B is drastically lacking in comparison. Nightforce doesn’t even compare. Go with the TT asap. You will not be sorry. You can build the rest of the kit later.

  • I went through the same thought process about 6 months ago. I had a big chunk of cash and could afford either a scope or a rifle. I don't know if you noticed my setup at Greg's class, but I literally have a $4800 TT sitting on top of a $300 Howa barreled action. If I had it to do over again, I would do exactly the same thing. The guy Matt that was with me at the class has a much nicer rifle but with a Burris XTRII 4-20x, and my wife's 223 also has a Burris XTRII 3-15x. And I can tell you that there is no comparison in the optics. It is almost torture to get behind one of their guns after shooting mine. And keep in mind that the Burris XTRII is considered by many (including Orkan last I heard) to be the top of the heap in the $1000ish scope market right now. Is the TT $3800 better? To me it is.

    Look, we are both old dudes. OK, one of us is older than the other (I will let you tell who that is), but we are still comparatively old. Our eyes don't work like they used to. For me, the better glass makes a big difference for me because my eyes no longer have the capability to compensate like they once did. I suspect you will find the same to be true. When I shoot my wife's gun for a while, I start getting lots of eye fatigue, something I don't experience with my TT. If I had to shoot with the Burris all the time, I don't know how interested I would really be in this hobby, it gets that tiring to me after a relatively short while. My buddy Matt is 20 years younger, and I can tell that he doesn't struggle with the difference in glass quality as much as I do. But even he doesn't like to get behind my scope because it reminds him how much better his glass could be.

    As for holding out for a new reticle, I personally would not, and did not, let that stop me. I mean how much of a game-changer can there really be in a reticle? And besides, I can promise you once you own one TT, it won't be your last. You can get the new reticle in your next scope. :)

  • I have had an S&B ultra, Swaro Z6, Vortex, Leop, Kahles nothing compares to my TT. I shoot mostly local matches and the gen 2 has never left me wanting. I don’t understand why you have to have .2 mil hashes. I can hit movers all day long without them. The Gen 2 is not cuttered which is to me much easier to use. Go with the TT.

  • Banned

    I rarely shoot my rifles that don't have a Tangent Theta on top. I have experience with many of the top tier optics.... Tangent Theta is a level above that.

  • @flyinphill I have to agree with your comment about being a old dude,I picked up a TT315M from greg and it is a sweet piece of glass.I have sold a whole lot of guns and scopes to fund my TS custom build and the TT scope.I am very happy that i did it.

  • As far as a light rifle goes - Call @tscustoms and get a Ti Lone Peak in any caliber you want on a mcmillan stock and you will be extremely happy.
    On the scopes I've been fortunate enough to compare the the 7-35 vs my TT 5-25. While the nightforce is a good scope it really doesn't compare to the TT. Parallax and eyebox is much more forgiving on TT and the glass isn't close IMO.

    I will admit that the nightforce 7-35 does become parallax free down to10yds...at least the one I used which is nice.

    I only own the 5-25 Tangent

  • Lone Peak titanium Fuzion with a TT315M on a carbon fiber McMillan A3A sure is happy. :)

  • Talked to Mr. Travis today ... light patrol rifle back on the options list :)

  • I just heard a rumor that TT announced an H59 reticle. I was hoping for a T3 ... I'm crazy about the wind dots ... but it is not to be for this year .. but at least things are being clarified.

  • Sounds pretty solid. I see tt listed on Horus website too.