Hog saddle find.

  • Picked this tripod and hog saddle up today for what I think was a pretty decent deal. The tripod is a Vanguard Auctus 283 AT which has been discontinued. I found one on eBay for $469. If that’s correct I got a smoking deal on the whole package. Any experience with these tripods?


  • I have hog saddle and I like it, as far as the tripod, my saddle is on a Manfroto 055. Light usage over 2 years, no complaints.

  • I used to run HOG saddles... but now I run RRS Vyce on things I don't have setup with direct mount.

    The Vyce is superior in every way. I don't know anything about that tripod.

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    @orkan said in Hog saddle find.:

    The Vyce is superior in every way. I don't know anything about that tripod.

    I love the Vyce!

  • @orkan how is the vyce superior to the hog saddle? I looked it up and it appears to just be a smaller clamp. I really never have gotten into the high end tripods much so I’m just curious.

  • @bull81

    Less flex and movement of the rifle when clamped. The rifle is much more stable in a vyce than hog saddle. If memory serves, the vyce opens up wider and clamps down smaller than the hog saddle. The knob on the hog saddle is triangular and prone to pinching fingers between it and the ball head... especially when moving around the tripod. I remember getting ambushed by a coyote off axis once and almost breaking my thumb on that damn knob while indexing the ball head lock lever. The vyce knob is round and doesn't do that. The vyce comes with an extremely rigid and awesome non-twisting dovetail mount with heavy duty hardware. The vyce "feels" stronger in all respects, with far less propensity to get snagged and caught on everything in creation.

    Like I said, there probably isn't one comparison you could make where the vyce wouldn't come out on top.

  • @orkan

    Thanks fella, hard to tell just looking at it online. I only gave $250 for the whole set up and I’m not even sure I’ll use it or keep it. Don’t have much use for one where I live, for hunting purposes around here the light weight primos trigger tripod works fine with most shots being 250 yards or so. Figured at that price if I don’t keep it I could make a little cash selling it.