• Doing some scouting for mulies this weekend. Forgot I took this picture right on the side of road where I parked.

    Quarter for scale.

    I don’t like being the second rung on the food chain.


  • Head on a swivel!

    @brittel and I were out calling a year or so ago and on the way back to the truck we cut a mt. lion track that had to push 180lbs. Absolute monster.

    Pucker factor was high.

  • Pucker factor indeed.

    I don’t have much experience tracking anything, are you thinking lion? I was thinking black bear just based on the size.

    I’ve often wondered how many I’ve walked past when they’re laid up in the brush or up a tree. It almost makes me want to stay indoors.

  • @tackyp kinda hard to tell from the pic. Could be bear or could be mt lion. I'm not super familiar with either... but have seen quite a few lion tracks. I have never tracked a bear.

    ... in any event it's certainly something that could maul you. ;)

  • Well if that's a bear, in comparison with the dime, its a pretty small one... I'm guessing around 100 lbs maybe a bit more. I'm basing that on the black bear I took in "05 that was about 250-280 est weight . He's a rug now and his paws are a good bit larger than what I believe is the paw print in the pic.

    Now if that's a cat.... oh boy... its not a little one...

  • @martino1

    It’s a quarter...

  • Looks like a Baar print to me. Has what appear to be claw depressions.
    Cougars have retractable claws, especially if they have money.

  • I used to know the difference once upon a time but I think the main difference is in the toe shape. One has more of an oval toe than the other, if memory serves me correctly.

    I bet google can help you better ID what you saw.

    Either way, I’d hate to run into whatever made that.

  • Do you have wolves where your at? That doesn't look like a cat paw, and don't look like a bear paw. Big wolf would be my guess, or man made foolery lol. Either way, big enough to put a hurting on a man.

  • So... it could be a bear, lion, wolf, chupakabra, domestic dog, or werewolf.

    If you want a better ID you're gonna have to find a better track or a better tracker. lol

  • That is not a "cat" print. My money would be in small bear or big dog. Could be a big wolf.

  • Al Gore might be interested in seeing that.

    He is also an amateur crypto zoologist.

    Seriously though, having another set of eyes, ears, and a good nose in the form of a well trained dog would be something I would want with me in big predator country.

  • @hypo, It’s probably man-bear/pig. Half man, half bearpig.

    We have a couple (2) wolves in the area last I checked but they were further north. I have a 85 pound Malinois puppy at home. He’s got big feet, but not this big. I don’t think it’s anything canine.

    This print has to be at least six inches wide. Figure that quarter is 45 thou less than an inch. I’ve done some checking and that’s too big for all but the odd few cats.

    I think the official word is bear. I’ll be back up there in a couple days for more scouting. I’ll see if I I can’t find more or better prints.