Local AZLRPRS match

  • I signed up for a local train up/match which was Aug 11-12, 1 day of getting to try different props and shooting positions with the match the next day. What an eye opener, thankfully there were plenty of experienced shooters to share some valuable insight and constructive criticism. For never shooting a match before I came in 25th place out of 61 competitors. First place scored 66 points, I ended up with 42. The rifle functioned flawlessly and as long as i did my part sent the rounds right on target. One thing I learned is I really need to learn wind and shoot using my left eye (something I have never needed to do). Everyone was very helpful and supportive to everyone else, just a great group of people. The club does not normally do a train up/match, they do have a match every month and I will be going as often as i can. And thanks to Travis at TS Customs for making me a rifle that shoots lights out, especially using factory ammo.