Sticky Whidden Seating Die

  • I finally got my Whidden dies in and got everything set up, resized 100 rnds of 7 LRM brass (not concentric but close enough) primed, powder and when I started seating I noticed a sticky up stroke in my Coax after seating. It seems to be the seating steam that is sticking to the 180g Berger Hybrids because there is a faint ring at the top of the projectile.
    It does not seems to be hurting accuracy as I've shot several 1/4" groups with the ammo I've loaded with these dies. I have just never noticed this with Hornady, Forester or Redding dies.
    Anyone else experience this? Any issues?

  • @painless
    I had this problem with my whidden seating die when useing the Nosler RDF’s I contacted them and they sent me a new seating stem with a hard polymer tip. That fixed the problem

  • Thanks, Ill give them a ring.

  • Well, I just got off the phone with Whidden and they are no longer making the polymer tipped seater, they did not tell me why but eluded to the fact there was a wide spread issue. They are now producing custom seater's by bullet. Unfortunately they did not have one made for the 7mm 180 Berger Hyb. They are checking and will get back with me.
    I'll report back once I have more info.

  • @painless Usually you can chuck the stem up in a lathe and use a few bullets with some sandpaper and get it handled. Finely polished and finished off with flitz usually takes care of it.

  • Unfortunately, I have no access to a lathe and Whidden has not made the stem for the 180 Hybrid so I am sending them a couple of bullets and Carrie said she would rush it to me. No big deal, they still shoot extremely good through my TS Customs barrel. :)

  • @painless

    It sounds like the ship has sailed , but I use a drill press or even a hand drill to the same effect when I polish my die parts.

    The only thing I can’t really do is polish the inside of the die itself. I usually wind up using an AR chamber mop in the drill with some polish for this and then rotating the die every few seconds to avoid egging it.