Swimming Hole

  • We're getting a swimming pool installed here at the compound. I have to admit I wasn't too keen on this idea at first but yesterday I would have sure like to been neck deep in this thing sucking on a cold beer. Should have done this back in May. Besides, this is my wife's project I just did the electrical and fence removal the rest is up to the installer. It's made by Latham and has a 25 year warranty and can be taken apart if you desire . How hard a chore that would be is debatable. They can go in the ground also and like anything the more you spend the nicer they get. It should be full of water some time around eight this evening but they have a long way to go to finish.

  • @bigfoot
    Got to edit this a little. The pool is an Optimum Pool and the liner is made by Latham. It's 24 feet and it can be assembled pretty fast especially by someone who does this for a living which ain't me. Cheers.

  • I see a post hole digger laying there on the ground. those things are pure torture...but they work.

  • @dddoo7 Those are called "idiot sticks" LOL

  • They have a gas powered auger but it wouldn't even scratch this hard clay here. We haven't had any rain in weeks and it's packed right where they are working. I drove a sucker rod into the ground where they needed holes and we filled them with water to try and soften it up but the diggers just bounce when they come down with them. They need a skid steer with an auger for this hard stuff. I have a pair at the ranch that won't bounce, they're solid steel and weigh about thirty pounds. Those really are idiot sticks laying there.

  • We have a 3 point auger for the back of the tractor...but rarely use it. By the time we get it on the tractor and out of the shed we could have dug the holes we needed. Gotta dig 10 or more holes here to make it worth it.

  • We call those PHDs! Work decent in moist sand but a real education in clay or granite soil. I use a skid steer with a rock auger to drill a pilot hole then a 12 inch dirt auger.

    We made a run to Gonzales Tuesday to pick up a new Cowboy Hot Tub for La Palma Rosa. 8’ diameter galvanized water trough. It’s in the shade of a big live oak letting the sand settle and hydrogen sulfide dissipate for a shrimp boil this weekend.

  • @bigfoot All you need is a deck and a water cannon.

  • @lathoto
    The deck is done and just doing some final cleanup. The bottom of the deck is enclosed now, I took this picture before they put the cedar pickets around the perimeter. It seems like every trip to the Ace we have here is a hundred dollar bill now, ant killer, umbrellas and benches then I was informed I needed a timer. Just got through wiring that into the GFCI. The fence guy showed up looking hungry and I already know what that's going to cost. My wife went to a pool supply place about an hour from here and they relieved her of about four hundred bucks for chemicals and now I'm a chemist whether I like it or not. We have a little bulldozer looking vacuum that runs around inside the pool sucking up all the saw dust these guys left us. That alone entertains me for about an hour so it's all good. Feels good to float around weightless every evening for an hour or so. That reminds me, need an outdoor radio. Back to Ace.