Range Report for F-Class 600 Yard Practice

  • New to the forum, having heard about it on the Precision Rifle Podcast a week or so ago. The work done here looks very good. I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

    So my schedule is such that I can't make it to PRS matches on a regular basis but I have found a monthly 600 yd F-Class match in PA less than 2 hours from home. Locally I can only shoot out to 200 yards and that's only when that range is not occupied by another club. So 600 yards is the best I can do with learning to read the wind for now and 100 yards is all I can reliably practice at.

    I just uploaded my first focused practice session from Sunday. It's ok but not great. I drew up a 600 yard f-class target and scaled it for 100 yards so I could make sure my gear was squared away for the shoot.

    I ran my current match load and got pretty abysmal numbers. I'll load up the entire set of values when I get home but I believe my ES was something like 62 fps.


    That center X is 1" so my group is probably in the 1.7" range. Not bad for 20 rounds.

    Regarding the load, I had about 40 rounds already made when I read up on how to neck size and changed over. So about half my rounds have headspace of 1.618 and the other half have headspace of 1.624 measured with a Hornady headspace guage. I assume that accounts for the size of the velocity spread since I had been getting an ES of about 30 with ammo running 1.618. Next weekend will be all 1.624 so we'll see how that goes. This last session was also my first session after turning necks to .014 by hand with an RCBS unit. LC brass is pretty bad with neck thickness. I had a few rounds that left half the neck untouched! These were winnowed out...

  • Looks like good shooting to me. You'll have to see how much it opens up at 600, but I would be pleased with it.

  • Welcome aboard @axshon! Yes, I think you are correct in that a headspace measurement varying to that degree can certainly cause a swing in velocity.

  • Thanks, I think a good OCW contributed to the fact that I have a lot of variance in MV but still a pretty not bad group. If I can just get it to happen for 3 consecutive strings I'll be happy! By the third group I know I'm flinching. Just need to settle down. Next practice I'm going to use 4 targets with 5 rounds each so I can call the shots and actually see how accurately I'm breaking.

    600 yards in April will be my first real test. I'll be going with another local who has also never shot an f-class competition before.

  • @axshon
    I use the NRA small bore targets for 600 yard mid range F-TR practice.
    The 50 yard, TQ 3/1 at 100 yards and the 100 yard, TQ4(p) at 200 yards.
    They give the x ring the 1/2 MOA size and the 10 ring the 1MOA.
    I am saddled with a 200 yard max range also.

  • Thanks mamlukino, I'll check it out. I do a lot of graphics work on the side and I like to tinker with scaled targets. In the target above, at 100 yards, the bar across the top and right side are both exactly 1 mil while the small squares are .1 mil.

    I can't shoot from my house but there is a space where I can snap in out to about 60 yards without alarming the neighbors. I randomize sizes of various shapes and put them out and mil them to range for simulated distance. Was considering writing a training app for this but, like everything else, its about the time and money you have to spend.