Today was a good day

  • Yup, it was a good day, woke up a little late but got out to the range and shot some 22lr.

    Then went to my parents house to cut down some trees, I love cutting wood.

    And it's not over yet, probably gonna go home and get some bullets loaded up and play with the dog.

    Heck it was 32* when I was shooting, but the sun was out, absolutely no wind, which never happens in this part of Nebraska, and finished cutting up wood when it was 41*

    Yup today was a good day.

  • Nice. Shaping up like that here as well. Shot some 22lr, some 6.5CM, some 17rem. Reloaded a bit. Yup... good day to be alive. :)

  • Everyday is a good day when you wake up..:smiley:
    I cleaned my .223 and put in a single stage trigger I modified as the factory trigger couldn't be adjusted past about 2 lbs. I like the new Howa 2 stage triggers but they need to get them adjustable down to about 1-1.5 lbs. Got my pistol ready for some quiet shootin' tomorrow; yes sir a good day.

  • And this is how the day ended (for the most part have to fold clothes yet)

    Loaded up and ready to go.

  • Nice..:thumbsup: