Summer Time

  • Dang if it ain't hot here. You would think I was used to it but like a broken record we repeat it over and over. Coming out of the house it's 83 degrees this morning about 7:00 am. Supposed to hit 103 feel like temperature here today and 107-110 inland. Actual air temperature hasn't hit 100, we've been staying in the low 90's and around 6:00pm it gets back in the 80's. If this worthless southwest wind would swing to the east a little it would really cool off. The high sitting over us is supposed to move west next week so I hope it cools off a little. At the ranch south of San Antonio air temperature there has been above 100 several days in a row, I think it hit 105 a couple of days. Better not lay a wrench down in the sun and try to pick it up bare handed you'll get scorched. Got another month or so of this so we might as well get used to it. Sure need to see that water temperature out in the Gulf go down, don't need a repeat of last year. Y'all stay cool.

  • Yeah, its broke 100 a couple times up here in the north too. Mid 90's has been pretty common, with mid 80's the norm.

    I'm not a fan. 88 degrees so far today, and if the sun is on you, that's just too hot. I'm very much looking forward to that nice cool fall air to show up.

  • 104 yesterday at the 22BPCR match. We shoot under tall live oak trees so it was almost bearable on the line but going downrange to reset the targets was tough. Decided that I didn't need to go to the Lever Action matches today because it was 85 degrees an hour before sunrise and a clear day forecast with southwest winds. Only 103 right now but the heat of the day is still coming. Fencing crew is going to work around midnight and knocking off at 9 am. At this rate I should have a brand new fence just in time for a range fire.