Tangent Theta 315P GenIIXR w/ CCA

  • Folks, we have a singular Tangent Theta 315P GenIIXR w/ CCA in stock. CCA stands for Click Count Assist. This is a standard 3-15 P-series with GenIIXR reticle, except this one has heavy click every full mil on the elevation and windage.

    To my knowledge, there is not but a single other one of these scopes in existence, and it's sitting on my TS Customs 22BR. Primal Rights is the only company to ever receive CCA Tangent Thetas, and the option is now discontinued entirely. So, there will be no more. We have a VERY limited quantity of 5-25 CCA models left in stock, but there has only ever been 2 (two) CCA 315P's made... and one of them is available for sale to you fine folks of Gunhive.com. CCA is normally a $200 option, which would make this scope retail for $4200. However, I like to take care of you people as well as I can... so I'll offer it to you for $4000 with free shipping.

    If you've been waiting for the right reason to buy the best rifle scope on planet earth, here it is.