Sureshot Mt. Auburn

  • Anyone here going? This will be my first match. Getting my cherry popped. Be gentle with me... LOL

  • @racegunnr
    Good luck on your first match fella!

  • Well, first match in and done. My goal was to watch, listen and learn. My plan for the day was to just get hits and not worry about the clock. I shot USPSA for a few years and always worked on the accuracy knowing with time the speed would come. I just didn't want to come in dead last.....which, thankfully I didn't.

    It was basically the same setup as the Firm/Vortex Rampage about a month ago.

    I only finished one stage in the time limit. 8 stages total for a total of 100 hits.
    I sent 51 rounds downrange and connected 21. I wasn't happy with that result, but still had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

    What I learned...

    1. Don't forget you have zoom on your optics, AND don't leave it on the highest magnification for the ENTIRE COURSE!!!!
    2. Get hits. Period.
    3. Get creative with your bags.
    4. Yoga. Yoga might be a good thing if you're old(er),fat, and out of shape and can't bend over as far these days.....
    5. Build your own barracade and practice the positional stuff.
    6. Take time and build your foundation. I rushed this on all but two stages and struggled terribly to get the rifle to settle. Instead I was muscling it a lot and my shots went every where around target.

    Still, I had a blast and would have loved to go through the stages again that afternoon. Looking forward to the next one to try to attempt application on what I learned.