Trigger Shoe 513T

  • Two months almost three ago I ordered a trigger shoe from an old company that showed to have one in stock for my particular trigger. I haven't heard from them and doing some internet snooping I have heard some negative things about their shipping times but I still have faith mine will be shipped, no telling when though. I got caught up around my shop and decided to take a stab at making one. I used aluminum for ease of machining and most are made of this material anyway and I happened to have a piece of 1" round stock. Basically it started as a grooved cylinder and then was fit to my trigger and cut to match the size. I just matched the radius to the trigger radius and the rest was custom fitting with a belt sander and a file then 600 paper. Set screws a 4-40 cup points and were a bit tedious to drill on my wore out drill press but I pulled it off. I have seen some rifles and pistols with these things on the triggers and always wondered if it could be any benefit working with a trigger that has a heavier pull. I'll give it a try and if it's no good about twenty seconds later it's off and put away. Had to do some grinding to get the clearance between the shoe and the trigger guard being the bolt is removed by pulling the trigger fully. Also I didn't want it contacting anything that might make it unsafe or cause the trigger to stick. The set screw holes were the hardest operation. Would be a lot easier in a mill.

  • Definitely a different feel of the trigger with the shoe. I tend to place my finger a little too close to the first joint and the shoe reminds me where I'm at so in the long run it might be of some help. I shot a challenge target here at my house with CCI Quiets at 38 yards yesterday. Four out of the ten rounds went way low and the report was much different than the others that more or less went where they were supposed to. Not too consistent ammunition. I tried adjusting this trigger below three pounds and it just doesn't work. The screw loses contact with the tension spring and makes for a dangerous situation. I could actually wiggle the bolt and get it to fire and also make it slam fire. Has to have tension so the sear can hold the firing pin back. I don't think it was ever intended to be set below three and a half pounds anyway, sure there's some rule regarding trigger pull the army had in place. I got it at four pounds now and that's where it stays. Might try to clean up the trigger guard and floor plate and do a cold blue, sure looks nasty in the picture.

  • @bigfoot I've run some CCI Quiet with similar results. Not the most accurate stuff in the world. Sure is quiet through a suppressor though.

  • @orkan
    I shoot starlings with the segmented hollow points. Sometimes I get a fly off if I don't get them in the head or square in the body. I have two bricks of solid lead on hand so I mix it up just have to compensate the hold. The plated version shoots a bit higher. I have had the mates fly back to see what happened to their partner they are so quiet. Never pulled off a double though, have to get them one at a time.