Aftermarket Triggers

  • So I'm probaly the only guy here thats still using a factory Remington trigger. Well I got to use a Timney on another members rifle and I was sold. I'm currently shopping around and the cheapest I've found is about $110 shipped off EBay for a Timney. I'm not looking to go cheap, but I'm going to buy the best deal.

    It got me to thinking though, besides Jewel and Timney, what other aftermarket triggers are out there? Anyone use something besides those two?

  • Someplace was selling them for $95 once upon a time. Not sure if that's still going on. Don't recall the place either.

    $110 is a pretty good deal, but I wouldn't be buying things of e-gay. They suck.

    Here's the same price at a reputable outfit:

    You should give that 517 a try. The straight shoe is nice!

  • I haven't used it yet (because it's going on a rifle currently being built) but I'm going to try a Bix'N Andy. I've heard really good things about them. Some Benchers shooters are transitioning to them. I figure if a trigger brakes well at ¼ oz and can be adjusted to over 1 pound it will be good enough for me.

    P.S. They are not cheep ($375 to $525). I'll let everyone know what I think about it once I get a chance to try it.

  • E-Bay is notoriously Anti Gun. As is paypal.

    I've heard Huber triggers are pretty good, but have never touched one.

    I don't understand what a 400 dollar trigger can do better than a 100 dollar trigger, assuming they're set for the same pull. More consistent break maybe?

    I like a timney 510, I might try the timney Calvin elite set at 1.5 on the next rifle. (Also, I've never touched the CE)

  • There is a lot that separates the various triggers out there actually.

    Some break crisp and clean, others not so much. Some are field-ready, others not so much. A LOT of the triggers out there should be left on the benchrest rifles and kept out of the field conditions.

    I've used a lot of triggers, but I haven't used them all. It takes a LOT of actual field use in some pretty bad conditions before a guy can say for sure that a trigger is going to work well. Yet you can look at the various designs that are known to have problems, and it is then reasonable that similar designs will follow that behavior to one degree or the next.

    Many people love jewel triggers for instance. Yet I've seen more jewels fail on field rifles than any other except savage.

  • Well I finally got a Timney. Found a gunsmith in IA that sells em on his website for $112.50 shipped. I went with a 510, and stuck with the curved shoe. The width of the shoe is pretty wide, but it feels great. I also don't know what its set at, but its damn light. Really crisp but light. I'm going to shoot it as is and before I adjust though.

  • A good trigger will spoil you. I bought a Jewell a few years ago and since then I am not happy with factory triggers. Like said above though, I do have to keep it clean or it will get to where it doesn't reset.

  • I sure like the Timneys and installing one is usually is one of the first things I will do to a new rifle.
    I think you will love that Trigger Nor Cal.:smile: