My First 1911

  • Well that's not quite true. I had possession of a Remington Rand WWII 1911my Dad had bought off of a distraught man in Kingsville Texas around 1950 or so along with a 218 Bee for I think sixty bucks for both pieces. He was in hot water for a while but it passed. Sixty bucks could buy a lot of stuff back then. Anyway, I got the hots for a 9mm and I did one of the dumbest trades ever in my life. Ever, trust me. Case closed. So when 2011 rolled in 1911's seemed to show up in mass and in 2013 I bought one. I looked for the cheapest I could find not because I couldn't afford a better one it's just that I wanted to make it mine, if you get my drift. I wanted to dissect this thing and try my hand at disassembly and reassembly and change parts and basically learn the gun. I figured if I trashed it no big deal use it for parts or chunk it. i did a few add ons, some cosmetic and some functional and I laid off any modifications for a while. I have a beavertail safety sitting there in my parts box but don't have the ambition right now to fit it. Stuff like that. People go out and buy an AR and Buck Rogers them all the time I just did it with a $329.00 pistol. Had to make a sight pusher and have used it on other pistols to move the back sight so that's a positive thing that came from this and the darn pistol shoots pretty good. Eats ball ammo like cheerios and so far my reloads even hollow points. I ain't gonna sit here and preach you don't need a Kimber or Colt get you a Tisas like mine, that's BS. Get what you want based on your expectations. I might get another one some day but not another one of these. been eyeballing the Magnum Research and Springfield versions. Sure like my XDM's. Something about a 1911 that makes them different. Sure wish I had the one I traded back. I would have it in a walnut display case.

  • I took a break from the heat and pulled out my 1911 kit and decided to try the beavertail. It's a Wilson Combat #429BG drop in unit that accepts a commander style trigger. Took a little filing to get clearance so the safety could travel fully and let the trigger bow clear but wasn't too stressful of an ordeal. Most stress I had was finding the mainspring housing and the mag well extension that flew off when I drove the pin out. Had the hammer cocked and drove the pin out then realized the extension had to come off. Tapped it with a hammer and both pieces disappeared into my reloading shelf. Some how they ended up in my range bag. Like I said it's been a while since I messed with this thing. Did about a hundred safety checks and I believe everything is functioning the way it should. Got a little gap between the frame and the safety but it's not too ugly. The trigger never bit me with the original one but that old Remington Rand I had got me a couple of times, it'll wake you up. Oh, and that extended slide release was added since those first pictures were taken. Another drop in part$$$$$$$