Prairie Dog Termination

  • Man @gash that one at 75 yards is huge! That’s a big ass prairie dog! Good shooting!

  • She shot a LOT more that aren't pictured. Definitely helped the cause! hehe

  • @orkan said in Prairie Dog Termination:

    She shot a LOT more that aren't pictured. Definitely helped the cause! hehe

    Can't wait for a group outing on a big town to see how many we can rack up in a day!

  • @gash said in Prairie Dog Termination:

    Got a chance to help with the Praire Dog Termination. My TS Customs .204 Ruger does quite the job:

    75 yards

    225 yards

    300 yards

    And those damn snakes....ugh...they can right piss off! I wish I could have gone another 37 years without ever having seen one.

    great day.... that thing looks like someone stuck a firecracker in it and lit the fuse.

  • @orkan said in Prairie Dog Termination:

    She shot a LOT more that aren't pictured. Definitely helped the cause! hehe

    I couldn’t have done it without your help! Thank you :)

  • Ran out of .223AI ammo so it was time to switch to 6BR. I loaded up the last of a batch of 95gr VLD's I had.


    The 95 VLD's were being launched at 2750fps, and were surprisingly effective. Pretty good in the wind and this load I'm running was very stable in the 98 degree weather.


    Here's one I shot with my 16" 22-250 at about 130yds with a 52SMK at 3700fps. He took it square in the chest, got knocked down, and ran down the hole. Bullet selection is very important if you don't want these critters running off. :)

  • @orkan

    We just had a big hullaballoo about an unlicensed slaughter operation just north of us. The complaint was the animals were not killed quickly humanely .....CLEARLY NOT AN ISSUE HERE.

  • Believe it or not, some people have a major problem with pdogs running down the holes after getting shot.

    I find them to be overly sensitive.

  • @orkan said in Prairie Dog Termination:

    Believe it or not, some people have a major problem with pdogs running down the holes after getting shot.

    I find them to be overly sensitive.

    I agree 100%, usually those are the same people that complain about anything animal related. I don’t like to admit it but my sister is one of those people. She thinks riding bronc’s and bulls is animal cruelty as well. We are over run with hogs on our place and she throws a fit about me killing them by the dozens. We couldn’t be any more different.

  • @bull81 There are the animal activist types, sure.

    ... but I'm talking about hunters. Guys that claim to be on "our side" are some of the worst.

  • @orkan this is the truth. My blood boils when I see “I’m a hunter but x isn’t hunting”

  • It was a rough one out there today. Hotter than hot. The pdogs were still moving around though. Killed a solid 45 of them in 3hrs. I've already picked this town over pretty good. After that I had to retreat from the heat.

    You need a really good 10 ply tire to drive around in my country.

    Playing peek-a-boo with me at 100yds is unwise. It's typically unwise at 200yds as well. On a day like today when there was barely a 1mph wind gusting to 3mph... I was evacuating cranial cavities out to 400yds.

  • Good work. Color me jealous

  • @rhyno said in Prairie Dog Termination:

    @orkan this is the truth. My blood boils when I see “I’m a hunter but x isn’t hunting”

    About the only kind of hunting I don't care for is high fence. Sounds like Pdog elemination is a simple matter of necessity for the AG community.

  • Sometimes they really get sent for a ride. This one did the helicopter of doom as it was launched about 6ft in the air and landed about 6ft from its hole.



  • 7YO2KFQh.jpg

    Smashing on the pdogs some more. Killed two out past 1000yds with one shot. Fun fun.

  • @irish and I killed 341 prairie dogs with a 10/22 in the last 2 days. I claimed the farthest kill with 265yds. A ridiculous number were shot between 100 and 180yds.



  • Been absolutely demolishing the pdogs with the Volquartsen 17WSM.



  • @orkan wow

  • Knocked out a couple pdogs today. This time I took along my 6.5 Creedmoor. Got my furthest kill to date at 1075 yards.

    Shot quite a few out past 600 yards today, once I was down to 10 rounds left Orkan and I worked the town with the Volquartsen 17WSM. That rifle is so much fun!

    @dddoo7 does some amazing cerakote work guys! Here is a picture of my rifle in the field.


  • Came across this angry danger worm today while shooting pdogs.

  • Man I was waiting on a boom what happened?
    That dude looked like he meant business, and was in no mood for a visitor

  • Went out with a 17 Hornady Hornet yesterday and zapped a few. It's a CZ 527 American pencil barrel, cut to 20" and wearing a Thunderbeast 22 Takedown. In hind sight, I'd have purchased the heavy barrel "varmint" model. It's no custom rifle, thats for sure... but for this kind of work it is quite a fun little rifle. Sporter stocks are such trash. Chin weld and nearly impossible to get a 90 degree press on trigger. Certainly not while being in firm control of stock with firing hand. I was able to hit pretty consistently out to 250yds. Beyond that, the wind became tricky.

    This one got blown off his hole for a picture. He was up on top of the mound rather than down in it. Most just fall back in the hole, since they are very shy critters and just barely peek out at you from inside the hole.

    The most common result is what you see below. Headshot, completely explodes their melon, and they slide down in the hole, never to be seen again.

    Other times, they are peeking so skillfully, you can't see anything but half of their eyeball and the top of their head. Caught this rat at 155yds doing just exactly that. My wind call was spot on. :)

    Factory rifle, factory ammo... seems like it holds half to 3/4moa. I won't mind if it gets all beat up in the side-by-side. The hornady hornet is launching a .17cal 20gr bullet at 3600fps from this 20" setup. The hits inside of 150yds are quite harsh! Really does the job nicely and anchors them good.

  • Good stuff Orkan.

    My PD shoot got canceled for lack of dogs in the town in OK. Anyone know of a good place in TX, NM, or OK?

  • Zapped a bunch more today with the CZ 17 hornet. Got 50 or so. The pups are out.


  • 9UYHBRPh.jpg

  • Nice! Before and after family portraits.

  • Went out again today. They were thick. I was only out for a little over an hour and killed 71. I only had 75 rounds with me... I consider that a smashing success. Was shooting them as fast as I could run the action and reload mags.

    I definitely need to get a chair that swivels, or at least doesn't have arm rests, so I can pivot around. Next time I plan to hide the ranger northstar in the bottom of a draw, but I wasn't planning on staying long.

    This little pronghorn came to say hello.


    When I'm shooting all his pals in the head out to 250yds on this beautiful 1-5mph breeze day... it's probably best for his safety to avoid fully exposing himself at 28yds and barking at me. Then it's probably better for him if he doesn't sit there long enough for me to get a picture, chamber a round, and thump his chest good. It's always fun when some close ones get an attitude. I can get it adjusted right quick.

  • @orkan comfy looking set up...

  • Installed an HS precision stock today. Significant improvement in ergo's over the factory sporter, but definitely not what I'd call all the way right. It'll get replaced. I ordered up a Boyds pro varmint stock with adjustable cheek to try out next.


    Shot two prairie dogs at 475yds with the 17 hornet today. Missed the first shot on both, connected on both on the second round. I misjudged the wind by about 1/4 to 1/2 of 1mph on both of the first shots, which put me off by a tenth or so. These little 20gr bullets just aren't meant for that kind of trip. Five mph 2:00 wind, and I was holding right 1 mil and up 2.6 mils of elevation for impact. The 17 hornet is very capable to 300yds, but it really shows its limitations at that longer distance. It was only hitting with 85 ft/lbs at 475yds. At 200yds, impact energy is upwards of 280 ft/lbs.

    Shot a pile of them from 130 to 250yds today. Very much in the 17 hornet comfort zone. Explosively solid hits. Non-existent recoil. It's just so much fun.

  • @orkan
    Is that the same stock CZ advertised as their Kevlar Varmint model? I have a CZ .223 that came from the factory with that stock if I'm not mistaken. It has aluminum pillars but something looks different with mine. Might have to pull it out of the closet and compare. I put a .308 together for a friend of mine and used a Boyds Varminter stock with the vents or Buick cuts in the fore end but I never got to shoot it much. I have a thumb hole Boyd's on one rifle and it's pretty chunky in places. It could be thinned down around the grip.

  • @bigfoot Yes, thats the "kevlar" HS stock.

  • Greg what tripod and saddle are you using? Thanks

  • RRS 23 legs, BH-40 ball head, and Vise.

    If you're interested, I can get you the entire kit. We will be stocking RRS very soon. @dddoo7 can cerakote it all to whatever you fancy.

  • Went out for a few hours yesterday. It was rough! Winds from 15-25mph. These little 17's just do not play well in that kind of condition. My hit percentage inside 150yds was 90+ percent, but outside that, it dropped dramatically. I'd guess it at about 15-20% at 300yds, which is normally at least 75% with this rifle. Didn't stop me from killing a few at that distance, with the far shot of the day being 375yds with a first round hit... but it was a 12:00 straight into the wind shot with a fair share of luck involved no doubt. Fired 150rnds and killed about 100 pdogs. That wind really crapped up my percentage. I had to wait a long time between shots to let the closer ones peek out.

    Here's a couple crawling around at 305yds. Ended up killing them both, but it took a few rounds each. Holding over 7 tenths of a mil and about 3 mils into the wind made things interesting.

    There were plenty of targets, but I tried to be selective about my shots to ensure solid hits. Normally I'd have no hesitation with a 200yd headshot, but this day I waited for at least half of their body to show. I was setup facing directly into the wind, with pdogs on my front, left, and right. The aerodynamic jump as I switched from 9:00 wind to 3:00 wind was astonishing. As much as 6 tenths of elevation correction accompanied the reversed wind call. That is a ridiculous amount of jump for a 200yd firing solution.

    I still went for headshots on the closer mounds. Anything inside 150yds still got their melon exploded. It was still a challenge, having to hold somewhere around half a mil on a 100yd target. Not to mention the wind gusts slamming into me and the rifle/tripod. Timing had to be just perfect.

    Plenty were killed, but by the end of it I was definitely wishing I had my 22 creedmoor with 80gr bergers, or my 6 dasher with 105 hybrids. Would have been able to clean up out to 600yds with either of those tools. Having said that, it's fun to challenge yourself once in a while. My hit percentage steadily rose throughout the day, as I locked into conditions in each section of mounds. I was able to get very confident out to 200yds. In those conditions I'll consider it a success.

  • Forgot a picture from yesterday. A bald eagle came by to say hello and see how I was progressing on creating snacks for him.


    Today was very hot and humid. Wind was dead, which was nice for shooting but terrible for sitting in the sun. Talked with a neighbor, and it seems I'm becoming something of a celebrity. I'm killing so many prairie dogs that it's causing a smell and an increase in fly populations. I was encouraged to continue, and I ensured them that once I get my bigger hardware out, the pdog numbers were likely to bottom out. ;)



    Killed about 140, including this monstrous specimen. Took the 20gr 17cal bullet to the chest and held it on this perfect 200yd shot! THUMP! and just tipped over where it stood. This is fairly typical out at 300yds and beyond... but rarely are they so big that it happens at 200yds as this one did.


  • I saw the pic with the big birds. Are they doing the cleanup after your sessions or you seeing increased yote activity where you PD Term?

  • @martino1 Decidedly more predators around pdog towns. Seems to be more still after I've hit one hard for a few days in a row.