Kestrel Reset

  • So my 4000NV freaked out today. I turned it on, grabbed a couple datapoints, and within a minute or so the screen started blinking. The blinking kept going at faster intervals and the screen got dimmer with each interval. I tried to shut it off, and the buttons were unresponsive.

    I pulled the batteries out and put in a new set, figuring the juice just ran low. Upon powering back up, the screen was all pixelated. Got a bit concerned at this point. I called up kestrel support and got right through to a human. His instructions were to remove the batteries, and then hold the power button for at least 10 seconds. Then put the batteries back in and turn it on.

    At first the screen was still pixelated, but just not as bad. There were only a few dots, where as before it was covered in them. Pressing the power button seemed to do nothing. Then after a few moments, it powered up and all appeared well.

    Apparently the auto data logging function is turned on by default, and when the memory gets full, it can do this. So I turned that feature off. It's under settings > memory options > auto store.

    Now if you guys have this problem you'll know what to try! :)