2nd Gen Dodge Diesel Pickups

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    Here is my 98 ram 2500.

    It has the 5.9L 12 valve cummins and 296,000 miles or so. It has engine modifications to be around 400hp/800torque and the auto transmission has been beefed up to handle it. I would love to get another 100hp but at that point I need billet shafts in the transmission and I can't justify that upgrade as it's very expensive.

    To fix the loose steering and front end feel, I've put a 3rd gen track bar conversion on it, a steering box brace and of course new tie rods and ends. This was a major upgrade, however my old tie rod ends were pretty worn. I say a major upgrade as it greatly improved the feel on the road, and the track bar upgrade was a bit of a pain to install, but I put it all in by myself in a day or two's time.

    Bilstein 5100 shocks really helped make a smoother ride. These shocks are custom tuned by Carli Suspension and made to compliment their custom spring rates in a leveling or lift kit. They've worked well with the factory setup, but are a bit squishy at slow speeds (which is nice to not get tossed around real hard in a field, weird feeling on pavement but I haven't had it cause me any issues)

    I'm looking into the Carli leveling kit now, as I'm needing new tires and they rub a little right now.

    If you run a plow on the front or a heavy steel bumper there are a few companies out there that make a heavier spring. Since I run an aluminum front bumper that's not much heavier than stock I don't have much for input on this.

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    Thanks for the Heads up. I'll look into Carli suspension.

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    You could always call them and let them know what you're running. I don't want you to just go out and get them and find out they are too soft for your application, as mine is slightly different and I haven't ran anything of theirs but their bilstein 5100 shocks as of right now.