16" 6BR with light bullets

  • I worked a new load for my 16" 6BR today. I've been needing to do science with light bullets for a long time now and finally got it done.

    55gr Nosler BT @ 2.100" OAL on top of 34gr Varget in Lapua brass with a CCI-450 primer produces 3225fps.

    Thats flat impressive from a 16" barrel. The case is awfully full, but boy it shoots good and is a cream puff on recoil. This is a 7.75 twist barrel with a chamber throated for 105's. These 55's are jumping a heck of a gap, and hopping into some crazy fast rifling... but they don't seem to care. Solid 1/3 to 1/2 MOA performance at 100yds and at 300yds. Running .9 mils to 300yds from 100yd zero.

    Still haven't cleaned this barrel. 1116rnds since last cleaned now. Granted this short barrel doesn't have these things going nearly as fast as a long barrel would, it sufficiently proves the massive versatility of a fast twist 6BR built by TS Customs.


  • Better be careful you bout to run out of room in those mags haha. Pretty impressive results

  • @bull81 said in 16" 6BR with light bullets:

    Better be careful you bout to run out of room in those mags haha. Pretty impressive results

    They sure are stubby little buggers! I was worried about feeding at first, but as you can see, that's an unmodified AICS magazine with our kit installed... and it works flawlessly as always.

    This kind of performance with this bullet out of a 7.75 twist barrel with this massive jump really surprised me. I've seen long jump produce good results before, but this was really a pleasant surprise. Whether this would always be the case remains to be seen, as this is just a sample size of one. However, it certainly shows that you can build rifles for these little cartridges around the heavy bullets, and still be able to launch the varmint bullets effectively too.


  • @orkan I have some Barts 68gr flatbase I shoot with a 14 twist. That gun makes little holes. I would be interested to see what they did in that 7.75 twist. so when re-barrel time comes I have some options.